Saturday, 15 September 2012

3 Day Catch Up!

Wow its Saturday already! The last 3 days have whizzed by even though they have been super long and tiring, I am glad to say I have the weekend off, yay!

Even though the past 3 days have been busy I have kept to my challenge and eaten some very yummy paleo food, I am still loving this way of eating too plus I haven't had any tummy upsets since starting so a big thumbs up : )

Lets look at food shall we.........

Let over turmeric chicken with avocado and cucumber. The chicken was really simple to make I diced it and covered with turmeric, garlic, pepper and a little chili then fried in coconut oil, so good!

Tuna and olive salad

Getting sweet cravings at work while my co workers eat biscuits was sorted by a bowl of chopped apple, dates, seeds and coconut

Turmeric turkey mince with veggies made the same way as the chicken

I ate the leftover turkey for breakfast, loving savory breakfast!

Curried chicken with artichoke and cucumber, I literally made the chicken with curry powder, garlic and pepper then again fried in coconut oil.

Left over chicken for lunch with salad

And finally dinner last night was eaten in my car, veggies and a sweet potato with almond butter which has definitely become a flavor combo favorite : )

Right time to get on with my day, I have already been to the gym and now I'm off to meet my sister before heading to my dads.

Have a fabulous Saturday peeps x x


What is your favorite savory breakfast or if you don't eat savory in the morning why not?

Savoury breakfasts rule!!!!!!!

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  1. I used to not fancy a savoury breakfast at all but I have to say I am loving the eggs and avocado right now!