Saturday, 22 September 2012

2 Posts In 1 Day And A Secret Revealed!

Hello again! Jeez 2 post in 1 day whats going on?!
Well this mornings post was actually from last night but I was still having issues with the blog but they seem to be sorted fingers crossed! I thought I'd drop by again to show you some food porn and share a little secret I have been harbouring. First the food.......

Today's breakfast was amazing! I have been eating a lot of savoury breakfasts even before my paleo challenge and today I really wanted a smoothie so I made a paleo friendly version! I used some full fat coconut milk, frozen berries, some almond flour and a little water. Blended and topped with seeds perfect and I actually prefer this version so a win win : )

After breakfast I met Wayne and my sister for a coffee, well they had coffee and I had a mint tea while we did some Saturday morning people watching. Once we had sat around in the sun for a good hour, me and Wayne got on our way to pick up extra cleaning stuff for our Autumnal spring clean.

Before the big clean up it was time for lunch so I threw a quick plate of food together. Sardine and egg scramble with carrot sticks, cucumber and olives.

Then we cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. Exhausting but so rewarding when we can now sit back and relax in a super tidy and clean flat : )

So my secret........well here we go..............

I'm nearly blonde again!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh I have wanted to do this for ages and finally I am on the way to getting back my blonde hair! Its not perfect yet because I was so dark (nearly black) its taking a few goes to get the colour out. This is what I was doing on Monday and Friday and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for 3 times lucky this coming Monday. I am super excited to be blonde again : )

Right time to go sort my dinner, I can smell the waft of butternut squash chips from the kitchen. Have a fab Saturday night and Sunday my lovely readers x x


Blonde Yay or Nay?!


  1. I think the blonde really suits you. I have dark hair and would not dye it, or bleach it, and I think dark hair suits me, but if you have the skin tone then a change is always fun

  2. Love the new hair! I'm trying to grow out my highlights at the mo to see how blonde my hair naturally is- it's agony. xx

  3. EEEEEKKKKKK, I have only ever know you dark! Can't wait for the full effect of you blond - I think its gonna be gorgeous :-)

  4. You look stunning with dark and blonde hair! (Unlike Tulisa for example...)