Sunday, 2 September 2012

2 Days of Paleo Food

Hey you guys!!!!!
I hope everyone has had a fab weekend, mine has been all good and my paleo challenge had started pretty good too. I have some yummy food to share with you that has been gobbled over the past 2 days : )

Saturday morning I was up early to get to Brighton to train a client at 7.30am then I worked in the shop. I took breakfast with me, 1/2 chicken breast with carrots and almond butter, so good! The day was actually not too bad, probably because I got some great sales!

For lunch I had more chicken with avocado and a huge green salad. I baked the chicken with lemon and basil, it turned out really tender and very tasty : )

Afternoon snack came in the form of some homemade paleo cake/loaf I will be posting the recipe for this tomorrow if I remember!

My day ended on a high I managed to get 84% over my weekly target so big smiles : )

Saturday night me and Dale stayed in, I was really tired by the time I got home and just wanted to chill. We had a delicious dinner of salmon fillet and veggies with a tom and olive sauce.

This morning I woke up way to early especially as I didn't have to be anywhere till 10am : (

It was kind of made better by a yummers breakfast. I had a bacon and mushroom omelet with cucumber perfect for a Sunday morning.

I had a client to train at 10am then Dale come and got me so we could spend the day together.

We had a delicious lunch too, lemon, herb and tahini chicken with 1/4 avocado and salad. I really loved this combo the carrots and courgette had a lemon and basil dressing yum!

After lunch we went out for a walk and ended up going to the Blue Reef aquarium to see the fishy's!

There were so many, there was also a giant octopus which was pretty scary!

We walked around the old town

Then sat and people watched till the wind got too cold and time to go home was calling.

I am now waiting for our dinner to be cooked, roasted veggies and a garlic/tomato beef mince topper!

So as you can see my Paleo challenge is going quite well the food is really good and very filling. I am enjoying eating foods that don't normally get a look in into my diet.

This weeks exercise has gone like this:

Monday: Bikram
Tuesday: Bikram
Wednesday: Killer gym session
Thursday: 1hr fitness class - seafront run + body weight exercises
Friday: Walk
Saturday: Walk
Sunday: Walk

Hmmmm the last 3 days haven't been very sweaty but I have had a very sore hamstring so walking has been good to stretch it out. I am planning some fab sessions for next week and one very exciting session more on that another time.


Whats the best thing you ate this weekend?

I think mine has to be the salmon, yum!


  1. Glad the paleo food is working out well for you! Sounds like you had a fun weekend, my fruit crumble was definitely the best thing I've had :-)

  2. Your food looks great, thanks for he inspiration! I need to marinade some meat!