Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thumbs Up Thursday + Paleo Challenge Info

Happy Thursday : )
Well kind of, the heavy showers aren't so much but everything else about my Thursday has been fab and I have more fab things to come so thumbs up to Thursday!

It all started with a 6am client session, this is my personal helper at this particular clients house. I love this cat she is so friendly and when she looks up with those pretty eyes I just have to give in and stroke her most of the session, she doesn't let up!

When I got home I enjoyed a coffee made with almond and hazelnut rice dream which is amazing! Then I made breakfast, it came in the form of a giant sardine pizza style omelet!

It was pizza style because I added some tomato puree and mixed herbs so it really tasted like pizza! I also had some cucumber on the side, I love this combo because the omelet is quite rich while the cucumber is really refreshing perfect breakfast : )

After doing some emails and stuff for the blog I took a trip into town to get some bits, I popped into my local health food store and picked up a bottle of natural dandelion and burdock. Which I enjoyed whilst browsing through a new book I also bought........

In preparation for my September challenge!

For lunch I made this plate of pure heaven!

Sesame burger, kabocha mash, mushrooms, spinach and some left over tamari chickpeas and seeds. Wow this was so good, I am nearly rid of all the foods I am not going to be able to eat over the next month any of the other flours/grains/banned foods in the cupboards I will hide away till October : )

Yesterday I asked you guys if you wanted to know more about my September challenge and as you came back and said yes I shall share with you the rules I will be living by till October. I am so excited but this will definitely be a test for me. I will keep it simple so if you want to join me you can copy out these guidelines and get down with the Paleo challenge!

What you can't eat:

No Grains - wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, quinoa, sprouted grains, corn, sorghum etc and nothing that contains gluten.
No Dairy - milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, low lactose foods.
No Legumes - no beans (black, butter, kidney, lima, white etc), chickpeas, soy, tofu, tempeh, edamame or lecithin, peanuts or coffee!
No Sugar - white, brown, maple syrup, agave, date syrup etc and no artificial sweeteners either!
No Alcohol - beer, spirits, wine
No Added Nasties - MSG, sulphites, carrageenan read labels!
No White Potatoes - crisps, chips no no no!
No Seed Oils - these are usually highly processed so stick to nut oils or olive

What you can eat :

Meat, Poultry, Fish and Eggs - try to buy the best you can afford.
Vegetables - as many as you like! You can eat all other than white potatoes you can eat green beans and sugar snaps as the pods are big which means more green than bean! You can also eat sweet potatoes but limit the amount of you want to lose weight or eat them on your heavy exercise days.
Fruit - anything goes but limit it to 2 pieces a day if you can.
Nuts and Seeds - raw unsalted
Other Healthy Fats - avocados, olive oil, nut oils
Spices and Herbs - just make sure they are all natural and don't contain any sugar.

As you can see its going to be quite challenging but I am going to be giving this my all! I will also be trying to get some form of exercise in to my day everyday even if its just my 20 minute walk to and from work when I am in Brighton. I should be able to fit in at least 2/3 Bikram sessions and 2 gym workouts plus my exercise class which will help my diet along I hope!


What do you think, could you stick to the plan?

If you are thinking of joining the challenge I would definitely suggest taking a picture of your body on day one then one on the last day to see your progress and please let me know how you are/did get on we can help each other good luck : )


  1. Do you need to lose weight lovey? x

  2. I wouldn't say I NEED to lose weight but few pounds wouldn't go a miss! I am really doing this to feel better and get back on track after a very slack August!

    1. Ahh, sounds like you have good intentions! I have to say, rather you than me. It seems pretty difficult. Good luck with it! Will look forward to hearing the results.

  3. I like the sound of the pales diet. It seems to make sense. Proper clean eating. But I just couldn't give up oats...or gin and tonics hehe. But good luck! :)

  4. I don't think vegetarians would have a great time on it, would they?!

    Probably shouldn't admit this out loud but I really wanted a steak the other day. Don't know why :P

  5. The 30 days Paleo diet challenge is going to be super interesting. I might do that as well one day. Can't wait to hear how's it's going!

  6. Well I really look forward to seeing how you do, I think its a great way to get re focused though. Not sure I could do it even if I was a big meat eater!

  7. Great stuff can't wait for an update. I would like to do it but really strict diets don work for me... Perhaps I could try for a month!

  8. Thi spaleo diet seems very popular at the moment, cannot wait to see your progess!

  9. SO glad you are doing this too! I'm doing it for five weeks as my birthday is first week of October so I'm using that as extra incentive and a goal! We can do it!