Friday, 10 August 2012

Tattoos + Savoury Foods

Sorry I've been crazy busy so just haven't had time to come say hello. But I am here today, late admittedly but here all the same : )

So before I show you 2 off my favorite meals from the past few days I want to show a sneak peek at my new tattoos! I love them so much and will show you a proper picture when I get a good one in the light of day but until then........

Ha ha yes I have a little cat nose and whiskers tattooed onto my finger cause well just because!
My sister is having it too so we will be matching kittens!

Here is one of my finished chest tattoos!!!!!
Oh I love them, they are perfect and so pretty, the colour is obviously super fresh here (still a little blood!) so I will post a proper one soon : )

Ok now you have seen my new body art time for 2 of my favorite meals from the last couple of days:

A favourite breakfast was this mushroom omelet with half an avocado, this was delicious and super filling. It was also perfect post workout fuel!

This was a favourite lunch I had, chicken salad with the last of my kale chips. I can't wait to get another pot but its definitely a treat as they are pretty expensive!

I have been eating really yummy food this week and not a grain of sugar has passed my lips. Me and Dale are being really good and trying to get rid of our very sweet appetites so sugar has been cut out of our diet for a while. I thought I would be going crazy by now but I actually am finding it really easy. Smoothies in the morning for breakfast have become the norm but swapping them for savoury breakfasts has actually been quite fun and I'm finding more filling : )

I am off to a wedding tomorrow so no post again! But I'll be back Sunday to report on the day, have a fabulous weekend peeps and enjoy the sunshine x x


Could you go without any sugar, how long would you last?!

Its gonna be tough tomorrow at the wedding but I am going to be good and keep away from the sweet treats!


  1. Your new tattoos look great - love the kitten! Your savory breakfasts on instagram have been looking so good, I usually have sweet things for breakfast out of habit but like the idea of changing things around a bit. x

  2. really love the kitty tattoo! My friend (who owns a cat hostel and dog trimming salon) and I were talking about getting new tattoos, and she said maybe she wanted a little cate nose and whiskers. She would absolutely adoooore this!

    giving up white sugar is one thing, but I could never give up sweet things altoghether, like fruits, dates, stevia, etc. I just need them in my life, just as I need smoothies.I would definitely not last long.

  3. I think you need to come make me an omelette because mine never turn out that good! Looks great :)

  4. Love love your tattoos! I really want more work done on my arm plus more new ones. My Mam actually got a tattoo done this week, so awesome! I've been really trying to reduce sugar in my diet, eggs and avocado for breakfast is all I've been having recently!

  5. Your finger tattoo is so cute! Mushroom omelettes are my favourite too, so filling.