Monday, 20 August 2012

Lavender and Honey Face Scrub

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This post is about using something you can grow in your garden to make a beauty product. I long for the day I can have a garden to grow fresh herbs and flowers. I would definitely grow stuff that could be used in cooking and for natural beauty products. I have been meaning to try out making my own product and this post has inspired me to do just that!

I was sent some ingredients to make my beauty product, when I opened the box I new exactly what I was going to make.

I chose some lavender sugar and honey, the rapeseed oil I already had.
The sugar being an obvious choice as lavender is something that can be grown in the garden.

I put 2 spoonfuls of lavender sugar and 2 spoonfuls of honey into a bowl and mixed to make a thick consistency then added some oil to thin

I made a face scrub!
This was the best smelling face scrub I have ever used!

I roped Dale into my beauty product testing! We got a good amount on our hands then scrubbed it into our faces (it smelt good enough to eat!). After washing the scrub off, our faces were left soft and silky and super clean. I have used scrubs in the past and they can be quite harsh but using these natural ingredients really payed off and we smelt gorgeous!

I have to admit I really enjoyed this challenge and will definitely be looking in to making some more products from natural ingredients plus I have plenty of the lavender sugar and honey left to make more scrub!


Have you ever made your own beauty product, what did you make?


  1. That company sounds lovely :) I have a lot of lavender in my garden, but I tend to use the rosemary and mint much more. I would make a body scrub I think- a sugar one as I prefer those to salt scrubs.

  2. I love lavender, it's one of my favourite smells. And sugar is great for a face scrub, so much gentler than salt. I tried my mint and chamomile on my face and it was very nice....I think the thing homemade really has going for it is the smell, you just want to eat it! x

  3. Lavender sugar sounds lovely! I need to keep my eyes open for that!

  4. Oooh this sounds really good...and strangely yummy lol. I've never heard of lavender sugar, sounds intriguing!

  5. This is neat :)

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