Monday, 6 August 2012

Kale Chip Foodie Heaven!

Hello! I am back after a super busy weekend : )
I worked Saturday at the shop then ended up having a night out on the town, vodka fueled!
It was Hastings carnival night so everyone was out, I had a fun night and only drank vodka which meant my head was pretty much ok Sunday. This was a good thing as me and Dale went to Blue Water shopping!

I bought some pretty shoes for the wedding I am off to on Saturday

This morning I actually slept in till 8am! Ha ha lay in for me : )
I got up and made breakfast, I am dragging myself out of the smoothie rut and going cold turkey with some savoury breakfasts. Today I had a mushroom omelet with broccoli! This was so good and filled me for hours

I made an oat dream protein frappe recipe coming soon!

I spent the morning sorting through emails and making clients workouts

Lunch today was AMAZING!!!!!!!

I think I died and went to foodie heaven, I finally cracked in to the kale chips my foodie penpal sent me. They are baobab and onion raw delicious crisps of pure joy! I will defo treat myself to these again

After lunch I trained a client then came home and did my own workout with the vipr.
I have just eaten dinner and its now time for Britain and Irelands Next Top Model so I shall say goodnight!

Have a fab Tuesday people : )


Have you ever tried those kale chips?



  1. Those kale chips sound really amazing! I might get a pack of those soon...
    And please post that protein frappe recipe soon I'm dying to try it.

  2. I love those kale chips they are addictive! I need to try and make some more in my dehydrator! Love the shoes!

  3. i LOVE the shoes! So beautiful! I always make my own kale chips but I also like the ones of Inspiral though they cost an arm and a leg. ;)