Thursday, 16 August 2012

Double Chickpea Day

Good evening, jeez the days are just flying by and I am getting behind with all sorts of things hence the no blog posts! Its late tonight but I just had to come say hi : )
I hope all is well in the blog world, I have so much catching up to do with all your fabulous blogs. I should have some time tomorrow to get my reading head as I am in the shop!

Today started with some blood tests at the docs which I had to fast for so when I got home I was super hungry!

For breakfast I had a mushroom omelet with tomato pate and 1/2 and avocado

I spent the morning with Wayne, we haven't hung out much lately so that was nice : )

For lunch I had a falafel salad with hummus which was so good, fresh and yummy!

I trained clients this afternoon then did my fitness class this evening. It was a really tough class tonight I sweated like a beast but loved it!

More chickpeas for dinner! Tamari chickpeas with steamed veggies and a few roasted nuts. Simple but delicious. I also had a soy yogurt with cinnamon and stevia : )

As I said I am off to work in the tomorrow and hopefully I can get a Bikram class in afterward.

I am going to try and get back to regular posts but right now its pretty busy this side of the screen with work, weddings, social gatherings and lots more!


What have you been up to?!


  1. Ohh I hope you're okay pet!

    Chickpea dishes look yummy :)

    Enjoy yoga! xxx

  2. My week has been pretty busy too but I quite like it like that! I've been partying, seeing babies, studying, getting excited for future projects, lots of fun stuff! Hope you have a nice day in the shop :-)

  3. Sounds like your life is busy in the best possible way, quick question do you make your own falafels?

    1. I don't no but I really should!!!