Friday, 24 August 2012

Breakfast + Lunch

Jeez how is it Friday already!?
This week has flown by with very little posting sorry, its been super busy and I have been super tired! I have worked, worked and worked some more but I am happy to say I have the weekend off. I have a wedding reception to go to tomorrow night and Sunday is mine to chillax, whoop!

I have some yummy food to share with you no full days just some of my favorites from the past couple of days so lets have a look shall we.......


Rice cakes and peanut butter with a side of carrots has been eaten a few days its perfect to have after a sweaty Bikram class! Plus its easy food to keep at work : )

This morning I had fruit for the first time in ages! Blueberries topped with cottage cheese and cinnamon.........

I also topped it with a quinoa and millet sugar free slice which I had in the freezer. I need to work on the recipe before sharing it with you. This was really good and super yummy!


I have been loving salads at work this was hazelnut tofu and hummus. Fresh, filling and delicious.

Chickpeas, tofu and veggie sticks yum!

Then today I had chickpeas, boiled eggs and veggie sticks, very simple but sometimes simple is just what ya need : )

I am looking forward to the wedding reception tomorrow night there are going to be loads of people there I haven't seen for ages which will be fab. I am getting up super early though as I still need to find a dress!

I hope you guys have some fun plans for your bank holiday, enjoy it whatever you get up too x


What has been your favorite meal this week?

Mine was today's breakfast so good!


  1. All of your eats look amazing, loving the chickpea love!

  2. All your eats look fab as usual, totally agree that simple is sometimes just where its at! Hope you enjoy the wedding reception!