Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Catch Up

Hello from sunny Hastings!
Yes the sun is still with us down south which makes me super happy! Its been all go this side of the screen, I have worked both days in the shop so no fun events but its still been a good weekend.

After having the day off exercise Friday I made sure to get up early before work on Saturday to get some moving in! I had to be in Brighton about 8.30am so I got up at 6am and did level 3 of the 30 day shred only 20 minutes but a very sweaty 20 minutes!

I had a protein packed breakfast before leaving too, sardines and egg white omelet which may sound wrong to some but it tasted real good! I also had a fresh juice.

Tum filled I set off on the road to work.

I actually wore some lip stain at work on Saturday, sometimes I like to make an effort! Plus I was wearing my scouse brows as always : )

For lunch I had veggies, Moroccan chicken and coleslaw. This was delish!

Dinner was a plate of delicious colourfulness! Turkey chilli mix with broccoli and cabbage so good! I spent Saturday night with my hungover boyfriend watching Dexter : )


I got up early and got my bag ready for work and a 9am Bikram class

Before leaving I ate rice cakes with PB and about 2 tbsp of soy yogurt with cinnamon.

My class was a beast today, but I made it through then went to work. I had an apple when I got there and lunch was the same as Saturday. I got to finish a little early thank god as I had a killer tummy ache this afternoon! I got back and picked up the boy then we came back to mine and look what I found........

Awwwwwwww brotherly love!

I am now watching some more Dexter before getting an early night, getting up for the 7am class tomorrow so 4.45am here I come!


What has been good about your weekend?


  1. That last picture is very cute :)
    So much of my weekend has been fab- seeing the opening ceremony, watching Olympics, having a great 10 mile run, spending time with my parents :)

  2. All your food looks really yummy. I love tuna in my omelettes, but sardines sound good! Wow and I thought I was hardcore getting up at 5.45am!

  3. Well all I've done is begin the first weekend of the rest of my life as a celiac sufferer. All those years pointing at your food and now I'm having to eat it, turns out it would come back and bite me in the end! Hope you're well.

  4. Loving the lip stain! What was good about my weekend - pear cider in the sunshine...and of course...the Olympics!

  5. ooo, those cats are sooo cute!
    I was dogsitting this weekend - my parents were on holiday, so our dog came to live with me for a few days and I so loved it! I really miss her trippling paws right now.