Thursday, 5 July 2012

UR Nutrition

Hello from a sunny Hastings!
My Thursday has started fabulously and I am hoping it will continue on this high for the rest of the day! I was up early to get to my first clients house by 6am, he is looking great! I love it when you can start to see the change in someones body and the joy on their faces when you mention it, makes my job even more worth while : )

When I got home I had one thing on my mind.......SMOOTHIE! Ha like you couldn't of guessed that! A while ago now I was sent some products to review from a company called UR Nutrition. This company sell all sorts of nutritional products to supplement a healthy lifestyle so when the the offer came in I jumped at the chance to try some especially as I had never actually heard
UR Nutrition. The samples arrived just before my move so I didn't unpack them and until now they had been all packed up! Finally I cracked them open and I am jolly glad I did! The products they sent me are soya sustain a rich quality protein powder, soya crisp a complete protein that can be used for baking, soya restore I think this is a bit like soy mince and can be used for savory dishes, UR Flavour used to flavor smoothies and green tea extract.

So lots of goodies! Keep an eye on my blog because some of these will be going into an up and coming blog giveaway! More on that another time..........

So for this mornings smoothie I decided to crack open a couple of these products.

Soy sustain protein powder and the green tea extract

This bowl of yumminess included: 3 Tbsp soy yogurt, 1Tbsp soy sustain, 2tsp of green tea extract, lots of spinach, blueberries and vanilla stevia! I think I put in a little too much green tea as it was quite bitter so had to use a couple of extra drops of stevia but this sorted it out nicely and was super yummy : )

Once this settled I decided to do a morning workout, I did a vipr circuit which was a total sweat fest! I trained for 50 minutes then got ready to go to a new clients house!

It was this clients trial session which went great and she has decided to sign up to sessions which is great news!!

I came home and made a tasty lunch, quinoa and vegan pesto omelet! Oh yes this was so good! I mixed 2 eggs, water, 1 tsp of veagn pesto and about 1/4 cup of leftover quinoa in a bowl the fry in a pan with a little spray oil

Instead of my usual squirt of tomato sauce I smeared some sundried tomato pate on the inside of the omelet and had a big salad on the side, perfect protein punch for lunch!

I am off out in a bit to train my brother in law then I will be doing my ladies fitness group! I can't wait, its a little scary but after the first one I expect it will be fine! This will be my first group training session since doing my PT course so I guess a few butterflies are expected but I am sure its gonna be a right old laugh!

It will also mean an extra hours workout for me today whoop!
Love a double exercise day me!!

Ok that all for today, I hope your Thursday is as great as mine until next time x x


Have you heard of UR Nutrition?

I hadn't before they got in touch but I am super glad they did I think some of the products they sell look great. Some I would definitely not use but the green tea for example is a definite yes, I am looking forward to trying the other samples too and will let you know what I think : )


  1. I've only tried the ground flaxseed in my UR nutrition stuff, James said the packets looked like something they's send with you on a trip into space ;-)

  2. Are the soya crisps a bit like rice crispies? I'm intrigued!