Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lots of Chicken and Lots of Shredding!

Hello peeps how nice it is to say I have been loving the sunshine!
Even though I have had to work all weekend its made all the better by the sun beaming down. So I've been pretty busy since Thursday which is why I have been MIA but I am back with lots of yummy food to share with you.


I got up early and did level 2 of the 30 day shred before getting ready for work at the shop.

I had the best breakfast, carob and coconut quinoa porridge with some soy yogurt! This was insanely good but also super fulling I actually left some and took it to work with me and ate it cold when I got there : )

I picked up some chicken from M&S on my way to work to have for lunches, Fridays was Indian style chicken which I had with veggies I brought from home. Was really filling and delish

I had a soy yogurt later before my drive back to Hastings

For dinner I had a turmeric and mushroom socca. I made this by dry frying some mushrooms then covered them in the socca mix I filled it with tom pate, olive tofu and extra mushrooms and had some broccoli on the side. This was sooooooo good!


I got up and did level 1 and 2 of the 30 day shred before getting ready for another day in the shop, total sweat fest and a great start to the day!

I had a yummy blueberry and banana smoothie which also included soy yog, wheatgrass, spinach and 1/2 an avocado.

I had Moroccan chicken with salad and hummus, so good! I also had some yogurt and seeds in the afternoon.

I went to my sisters for dinner and a movie and got to hang with my favorite feline : )

Jes made a delicious dinner and we watched This is War with Tom Hardy, it was ok and even better that I got about 2hrs of Tom Hardy love!


Today I got up and did level 1 and 2 of the 30 day shred again before making breakfast.

I had the same smoothie as Saturday but left out the avocado and added some tahini instead, which made it creamy and very tasty! This was a great refuel breakfast and even better fuel for my Bikram class I did a couple of hours after!

I had plain chicken with salad and hummus for lunch

Tonight's dinner was another plate of joy! Lemon and herb socca filled with olive tofu and tom pate plus vegan pesto veggies on the side

I have a busy week ahead lots of clients to train and another full weekend of shop work joy! I do have some time to myself though and will be spending some of it in the sun for sure, I am not a sun worshiper but I defo need to get me some vitamin D : )

As you might of guest I am loving the 30 day shred at the moment, I am planning to try and do it most mornings as a little extra boost to my fitness, especially as I have been waking up really early it gives me a fab start to the day!

I will be back tomorrow to tell you all about my first foodie penpal swap so until then x


Do you shred?!

I really love this dvd especially if you are strapped for time you can just do 20 minutes and get a real sweat on!


  1. I haven't done shred in far too long but it is awesome! I really need to try some tahini in a smoothie again soon, you've got me craving some!

  2. I have the shred dvd but I keep it for days when it is the middle of winter and the pavements are icy- I would much rather have a little run. :)

  3. I am SO going to make a socca for dinner tonight. :)
    I used to shred all the time but since I've left the dvd in Switzerland I'm not doing it these days...

  4. I haven't done the shred in such a long time! I might have to fit it into my routine in the next few weeks!