Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lime Pie & Grape Juice

Hiya, back again for an afternoon post, I actually have today off from the shop and clients so a whole day to myself! Which is made even better by the glorious sunshine!

Even though I have today off I still got up at quarter to 5 to get ready for Bikram! Ha ha yep I was up and out by 5.30am and on my way to the 7am class......dedicated or mad one of the two!
I had a juice before class to power me through.

I refueled with rice cakes and PB

As well as an iced soy latte, yum!
After I refueled I drove back to Hastings and popped in to see my dad

He had made a lime pie.........

A slice was cut........and I couldn't refuse!

Wow! Well done paps this was absolutely glorious!
I hung out and chatted for a while before heading home. I've been sorting through emails since! I have definitely let too many build up, not good!

For lunch I had a herby socca filled with a mix of tuna, raw cabbage, mayo and soy yogurt and some salad on the side. Yum this was soooooooo good and super filling! After a little while I really needed to quench my thirst with something more than water..............

A while ago I was sent a giant package in the post containing.........

Lots of grape juice!!!!!!!!!
I never usually drink juice other than freshly made but when I was contacted and offered some Welch's grape juice I thought why not!? I have to say this is really tasty juice especially served ice cold!

I had some with lots of ice and a squeeze of lemon which is a fab combo! I would definitely buy this juice again and recommend it to any juice drinkers out there!

I am booked in to a 6.30pm spinning class later and can't wait to get my spin on! Its been a while but is one of my favorite ways to get a sweat on so bring it on!!!!!!


Have you tried Welch's grape juice?

I know quite a few bloggers were sent some, how have you been enjoying it?


  1. I enjoyed it with ice and lemon, or with iced tea (and again ice and lemon), also as jelly (made with agar but if you are not veggie then gelatine), and also to sweetened granola. I used it in lots of ways! :)
    That lime pie looks lovely

  2. I made socca yesterday for dinner. Half of it stuck to the pan but it was delicious. ;)

    Never heard of that juice but it looks delish!

    Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! I love it! :)

    1. Ooooo non stick and it doesn't stick and you only need a tiny bit of oil, I hope you've enjoyed your sunshine time x

  3. After a long and painful cleansing day today I'm rewarding myself with a power lunch: socca with tuna salad (as per your recipe). You have managed to make my lunches much more interesting! :-)

    1. Yay!!! Enjoy I hope you like it and I'm glad I've given you some ideas : )

  4. What a perfect day to have had off! I liked the grape juice but its not something I would buy again, too sugary for me!

    1. I agree it's very sugary, I weaken it with water and ice : )

  5. I don't think i've had the grape juice plain, but I've had it in smoothies before! :)

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  6. That lime pie looks amazing!!!!! Any chance you disclose the recipe?