Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Juicing and Afternoon Napping

Well what a pooey day! I know everybody is saying it but jeez this weather is really starting to suck! Enough with the wind and rain already!!!!!!

I am going to take you back to yesterday when we did actually get some sunshine even if it was accompanied by some chilly wind! I had a lovely day out with Wayne, we visited Bexhill : )

After my 11am juice fix we got in the car and drove a little way along the coast to Bexhill

Cute ice cream shacks still looking like summertime even if its more like winter!

We went to the Del a War Pavilion to see if there was any art worth looking at, I guess there was! This bus on top of the pavilion actually rocked back and forth which was pretty scary when standing underneath it!

We sat out on the balcony and took in the view.......

Whilst drinking our refreshments, I had a mint t : )

When we got home I had my afternoon juice, I also had a killer headache so decided to lay my head down for what I thought was ten minutes..............

2hrs later I woke dazed and confused! I never afternoon nap!

I had my evening juice and chilled for the evening, I then tried to get an early night but after my afternoon nap that didn't happen which was annoying as I had to be up at 4.45 to get my juice ready before leaving for yoga at 5.30am!

Day 2 of my juicing has gone well, I thought Bikram would be more of a challenge but I survived!
I am off to London tomorrow, so juicing will be off for the mid morning/afternoon but I will be back on track in the evening. You'll understand why when you see what I have been up to!

Until tomorrow then, I'm so excited!!!!!!


Do you afternoon nap?

I never do so this really knocked me for 6! Guess I needed it though : )


  1. I have a nap sometimes when I feel that I need it, especially if I have had to wake up super early and I'm not being very productive with my writing. Have a great time in London!

  2. I never usually nap in the afternoons, but after coming out of hospital I had them quite often (although the doctors did say I should). This weekend I sat down to watch the tennis on Sat afternoon and woke up half an hour later! Guess I needed it!

  3. I never ever nap either! I usually wake up feeling more tired than before hand and it puts my sleep out of wack, you must have needed it though!