Monday, 30 July 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!!!!!
Yes its the start of the working week for most of you but for me its the end of mine in the shop till Friday. Which means 3 days of fun work training clients yay!

My week started with a 5.30am drive to Brighton to get to Bikram for 7am. My class was uber hot, I swear because I can no longer go as much it seems to be hotter than usual!

When I got to work I had a big bowl of berries and soy yogurt topped with cinnamon and seeds

This was also accompanied with a giant coffee made with rice milk : )

My morning at work was spent putting out all the new POS for our August promotion, boring but it made the time past nice and quickly!

For lunch I ate the last of my food that was in the fridge, veggies, chicken and coleslaw

Then for dinner I had some falafel balls and veg!

Yum this was delicious, I also had a greek yogurt and 2 pieces of 85% dark chocolate!

Tomorrow I am up and out to a client for 6am then I will be hitting the gym to get a killer workout in! I am hoping for sunshine too : )


What made you happy on this Monday?

For me a killer Bikram class and a delicious bowl of fruit made my Monday


  1. Having a shower and sleeping in a normal bed after the festival made me very happy on Monday! Hope you enjoy your week!

    1. Ahhh the first shower after a festival is simply wonderful!! X

  2. Gosh that is an early start!
    Watching the mens gymnastics made me happy- they are so impressive!

  3. It's amazing how you manage to get up early on a daily basis!
    Your food looks so yummy, as usual!
    My morning walk made me happy yesterday. Ever since I sprained my ankle I stayed away from tough stuff but walking's nice.

    1. Awwww sorry to hear about your ankle : (
      I hope it gets better soon x x

  4. secretely buying yet another dress during the summer sales made me very happy yesterday :-)

  5. Yummy eats!

    5 & 6am starts! How do you do it? You really are a trooper to get up that early for bikram! I struggle with 7am and have no idea how you are able to motivate yourself at that time in the AM.


    1. I guess my body clock is just use to it know : )