Monday, 23 July 2012

Foodie Penpals

Yay to the sunshine!!!!!!
Its been long time coming so hopefully its here to stay for a while : )

Before looking at the food I've eaten today I want to talk Foodie Penpals! This month I joined up to the foodie penpals scheme run by Carol Anne over at Rock Salt. Once you have signed up you get given a foodie penpal to send goodies to and someone else gets you to send things to. I sent the above to my foodie penpal it included some south african chocolate biscuits and smarties, savory cheese and pumpkin crackers, green tea with lemon, a raw brownie and some teabigs tea! I hope she liked it : )

I was so excited to get my package in the post, I love getting mail especially when filled with goodies! My partner was called Jessica and she sent the most fabulous package to me! Homemade chilli and lime roasted nuts!!!!!!! OMG these are insanely good I had a spare jar to pop them in and now I just have to keep my hands out, they are so moreish!

She also sent a nutty 9 bar (just so happens to be my favorite one!), a cashew nakd bar and some Baobab and Onion kale chips!!!!! I can't wait to try these! I was very pleased with my first foodie penpal experience and can't wait for next months!

This morning I got up and out of the house to train a client at 6am then came home and had a smoothie I also had a small handful of raw granola.................

Wow!!!!! So good, this was a good buy : )
So after breakfast had settled I did a major sweat fest workout! I did all the parts of Mel B's DVD which is actually a really good routine and is a killer! It works out to about 1hr 20 I think! I loved it, new moves to keep my body guessing and feeling the burn!

I'm off now to train my sister then rejoin the gym whoop! (not go just rejoin!)


Are you signed up to the foodie penpals scheme?

Its so much fun!


  1. I tried to sign up a few months ago, after Lucy from porridge and parsnips posted about hers. But I never heard from them so I thought it must be full. It does look fun- for now I will stick to the cookie swaps I think! :)

    1. Hey Maria, your sign up form must have got lost in cyberspace. No such thing as full when it comes to Foodie Penpals! If you want to resubmit a sign up form I'll keep an eye out for it :)

  2. Looks like a great package!

  3. Ooo you lucky little cookie! Enjoy x

  4. Looks like two great parcels, right there :D Those kale chips sound really interesting!