Friday, 6 July 2012

Coffee, Almond and Coconut Protein Frappe!

Yay its Friday and even though I am working all weekend I am still glad its Friday!
This week has really flown by and only 2 more days and I have more time off from the shop!
Ha ha I seem to be on holiday more than working at the mo its because we are given windows through out the year to take time off and it gets booked up so quickly you gotta take it where you can! It has just fallen this way and I am off again not that I'm complaining! Before I share with you my very yummy day of eats I have to share this protein frappe recipe with you from yesterday this was amazing!

Coffee, almond and coconut protein frappe!

unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 mug decaff coffee, 1TBsp coconut manna, 2TBsp soy protein, a little xanthan gum vanilla stevia and lots of ice!

Whiz it up and enjoy!

This was so so good and perfect fuel for my evening ladies fitness group, which went fabulously by the way! I am loving the new Almond Breeze milk, I have already been to Tesco to stock up! Its delicious I actually prefer the unsweetened one it tastes great you gotta try this milk!

Ok lets talk about today, I got up early to get to the gym before work I ate an apple and some almonds on the drive. I did 45 minutes of cardio. 15 minutes on the cross trainer, stair mill and treadmill all set on random. I got very sweaty and felt great, especially after a not so great nights sleep!

When I got to the shop I had breakfast, chia pud and berries and a giant coffee!
Mid morning I had some dry fine milled oat cakes to get me through till lunch : )

I had a mix of things for lunch, peas, chickpeas, alfalfa sprouts, and pepper mixed with vegan pesto and a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce. Super filling and super tasty!

In the afternoon before my drive home I ate some ryvita with hummus and carrot sticks.

I went to Tesco after work so by the time I got in I wanted something quick and easy for dinner, I made a 2 egg + 1 white omelet with salad.

I smeared some sundried tomato pate inside the omelet, so good!

And for pudding I had this amazing mango and banana soft serve!
WOW this was really scrummy, it is literally just a little soy yogurt, 1 frozen banana, some frozen mango and a little almond milk to thin. This is just like ice cream thick, creamy and very VERY tasty!

I will be up early tomorrow to get to Bikram, I don't have to be at work till 11 tomorrow or Sunday which means I can go to Bikram both days yay! That will be 4 sessions this week which makes me smile : )

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned and are looking forward to it even if you do have to work it like me x x x


Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Bikram will be my fun!


  1. The frappe sounds amazing! I picked up some of the Almond Breeze up at Tesco yesterday, can't wait to try it!

  2. That soft serve looks amazing- I love making things like that, but my blender blades are not so sharp any more!
    I am going to the grand prix tomorrow which is exciting (so long as it is not flooded!). :)

  3. Hope your working weekend goes well. I've been drinking protein frappes almost everyday, totally addicted!

  4. That soft serve looks so good. I think I might make some tomorrow!
    Today I've mainly been catching up on blogs and writing some blog posts of my own. Tomorrow I'm planning a long run!
    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend though :) xx

  5. That soft serve looks so good. I might try and make some tomorrow!
    This weekend I've been catching up on blogs and writing some blog posts of my own. I might try and go for a long run tomorrow too.
    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

  6. Wow, this sounds interesting, a real healthy version of a frappe drink. Great work!