Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Coconut Heaven

Good evening peeps, how are we?
I took the night off yesterday to spend the evening with the boy which means 2 days of yummy food for you to catch up on plus 1 very exciting mew to me product!! Lets get to it shall we......

Tuesday morning I got up early to get to my Bikram class in Brighton before work at the shop, I have to leave at 5.30am but it means I have a nice drive with no heavy traffic plus my sweat fest is complete by 8.30 so its all good : )

I made breakfast the night before so I could just grab it and go in the morning. Chia pudding made with almond milk and water plus some coconut and other seeds mixed in, I topped with frozen raspberries so in the morning it was all juicy and delicious!

For lunch I had spinach topped with a chickpea and quinoa mix and some carrot sticks

Afternoon snack, an apple and some plain oat cakes. These are the fine milled ones which taste just like digestives but without the sugar : )

For dinner I had a mountain of veggies mixed with sardines and an egg, sounds wrong but tasted so right!

Then for pudding I had some soy yogurt mixed with carob powder and topped with toasted seeds

Wow! This was so good and sugar free!!

This morning I went to yoga again before work, I eat an apple and some almonds in the car on the way to give me some fuel : )

I made breakfast again the night before, today it was chocolate chia overnight oats topped with blueberries. YUMMY!

I had more quinoa for lunch but today I mixed it with tuna, tamari and a little sesame oil, I also ate a lot of spinach! I had another apple and some ryvita as snacks during the day.

I got some hazelnut tofu for dinner. This is the brand I get, some of you have asked me which one I buy and I finally remembered to post a photo of it!

I had the some of the tofu on top of steamed veggies

Its weird I was actually looking at this on the internet today umming and arring whether to buy it or not then when I popped into the health food shop on my way home they had it on the new product shelf! Happy days, its quite expensive but I had to have it!!!!!

I added some to my tasty pudding! This my friends is carob and coconut banana soft serve! I made this with 2 frozen bananas, soy yogurt, coconut manna, carob powder and a little almond milk to thin. OMG so good!

Some yummy food if I do say so myself! I am training clients most of the day tomorrow and I also start my ladies fitness group tomorrow evening! Wish me luck! Its a small group but should be fun especially as its all people I know : )

I hope your having a good week, see ya tomorrow x x


Have you tried coconut manna?

I'm not gonna lie I have eaten a couple of spoonfuls straight from the pot already! Its definitely not gonna be round for long this is coconut heaven in a jar!


  1. That hazelnut tofu looks lovely :) I will try it if I ever see it in a shop.
    How is the coconut mana different to coconut oil/butter? I like coconut butter, but I could only spread it thinly, and don't think I could have a spoonful on its' own like I could with other nut butters.

  2. Is that a bit like coconut butter? Sounds lovely!

  3. I do really like that hazelnut tofu but I do prefer the Taifun range better. Your chia pudding breakfast sounds lovely.

  4. I love your breakfast. I do like that hazelnut tofu but much prefer the taifun range.