Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chocolate OIAJ

Hey hey another good day!!
Yep it has indeed been another good day this side of the screen. I was up early to train a client at 6am but unfortunately they forgot! As I was already up I drove to the 24hr tesco to get some much needed groceries then went to the gym for a fab strength and cardio session. I did 45 minutes of strength followed by 45 minutes of cardio on the machines. A very sweaty session to start the day which felt great! Before leaving the house (because I thought I was training a client!) I ate a ryvita with PB and had a fresh juice then it was onto breakfast no.2..............

It has been way to long since this combo of joy has been in my life OIAJ!!!!!!
Oh yes I had no added sugar choc oats with blueberries and a little soy yogurt in my empty PB jar and it was delicious! Perfect refuel after my gym session : )

I spent the morning sorting out client workouts and some other bits then before I knew it lunch time had come

I had some tamari chicken with roasted chilli and lime nuts on a heap of veggies!
So good and so filling this set me up for afternoon! I had a doctors appointment then I went round to my friend Emmali's to see her and my sister. We hung out then took my car for a wash.......we know how to live! ha ha ha

I trained my sister and her hubby this evening then home I came : )

Dinner was also a tasty combo, I had an egg white omelet stuffed with curried tuna (tuna, Tbsp soy yogurt, tsp mayo, curry powder) and veggies on the side. I wanted a socca but do find them quite heavy sometimes but this was perfect : )

I also had some carob and blueberry soft serve which was a perfect end to my day of food.

I have another good day ahead of me tomorrow, clients in the morning, a gym session and my sister is dying my hair thank god the roots are starting to annoy me! I hope you have a fun hump day planned!


Whats your favorite combo of OIAJ?

I think the above is a winner for me!


  1. Those OIAJ look amazing! I haven't had it in so long but this has made me crave it. x

  2. Man, that all looks good....even the chicken!! ;)

    I've made oats in a jar once and it was with mango. I remember it was amazing!

  3. I think strawberries, or banana with some pb :)

  4. That sounds good! I love OIAJ with strawberries when they go melty like jam!

  5. those oats in a jar look so good. My current favorite are not ought but chia seeds in a jar with a bottom of tahini still in there made with homemade vanilla almond milk and some banana and blueberries stirred in.