Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crazy Golf + Wholefoods

Yay!!!!! I've had the best day : )

It all started very early with a client to train at 6am. I took a little juice with me to fuel the workout I planned once I got back home. After I trained my client I had my own work I decided to do Davina's super body workout with the extra 10 minutes of abs at the end. I haven't done this dvd for ages and really enjoyed the change, I got super sweaty too : )

After my workout got freshened up and had my next juice whilst getting ready for a day in the big smoke!


So this is what I got up to today in London! Wayne got tickets for him and me to go to crazy golf on the top of Selfridges!!!!! I have been so excited to go and was not disappointed.

I chose my ball and off we went!

It was designed by artisan bakers and each hole was some sort of cake/party treat!

It was so pretty and luckily the sun came out for us, I actually won which made it all the more sweeter! We didn't have anything else to do afterward so before heading back to the station I wanted to drop in to......

Wholefoods!!!!! I couldn't resist as we had some spare time before having to get the train. I was so proud of myself, I stuck to my juicing which was damn hard especially walking round wholefoods! I got one of their juices which was delish. I was also pretty controlled with the shopping...........

I bought a jar of dark chocolate dreams, some raw superfood chocolately granola and some dark chocolate covered soy beans. Hmmmmm chocolate addict anyone?! I am looking forward to cracking into these once my 7 days of juicing is up!

Day 3 of my juicing and I am feeling pretty good, I am definitely feeling confident that I can last the 7 days. I am loving all the juices too especially the ones with yogurt!

I am now very excited about tomorrow, I am up early for Bikram then 1 client to train before heading back home and in the afternoon I am getting a new tattoo!!!!!! SO EXCITED! All will be revealed soon. I also have my ladies fitness class in the evening which has another 3 members joining which is breath!!!!!!


Have you tried any of the products I bought from Wholefoods?

I have eaten the peanut butter before but the others are new to me : )


  1. The crazy golf is definitely on my to-do list, it looks amazing! Good luck with the rest of your juice week! x

  2. I've never played crazy golf, looks like fun!

  3. That golf course looks amazing! I love playing it when I am on holiday, but never realised you could go in London. I love the Dark choc dreams, but have not tried any of those other bits.

  4. That looks like so much fun! Glad the sun shined for you :-) I've had that granola and you won't be disappointed!