Monday, 9 July 2012

Bootcamp + Yummy Weekend Food

Hello! How is everybody?
I am all good, after a busy week which left my pretty wiped out I feel ready to return to cyberspace after my weekend away from the blog.
I am off from the shop again this week and have lots of fun things planned around training clients. I will hopefully have time to pop in and say hello everyday this week! I know I know don't hold me to that but I am gonna try : )

I have eaten some yummy food over the weekend filling and super tasty, lets have a look shall we.........

Saturday morning I had a smoothie which looks odd being black and all but actually tasted really good! It was the spirulina and blueberry mix which gave it a weird colour!

Sunday I had another smoothie which was far prettier!
Both Saturday and Sunday I went to the 9am Bikram class before working at the shop : )

Saturday I had a chickpea bonanza for lunch! Veggies with chickpeas and hummus, it was a yummy mix and very filling!

In the afternoon I had to pop out and on my way back to the shop I picked up a little raw treat for me and my work colleague. This was a raw summer berry macaroon from aloka and tasted fabulous!

On Sunday I had some bits to use up at the shop so kept lunch very simple, hummus with sesame ryvita and carrots

Saturdays dinner was a tomato and herb socca filed with tuna and a side salad. This was soooooooo good! I had a veggie and quorn mix on Sunday for dinner.

So as I said I have this next week off from the shop so I decided to do a little bootcamp on myself! Again my meals have been creeping up in size (I blame having a boyfriend!) as well as eating a lot of fat! Good fat but too much of it so I decided to bootcamp myself!

Food wise I am trying out Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 days super juice diet. I will be having Wednesday afternoon off as I am being taken out for the day on a very special trip which was planned ages ago (more on this later.....). Exercise wise I am going to be doing 1/2 sessions a day. I will workout every single day at least once and depending on time/energy a second time.

I am looking forward to a real cleanse and this time feel pretty confident about sticking to the plan! I will let you know how I am doing each day this week if your interested!

To day has gone well, I woke up early when Dale had to leave for work and did a vipr workout to start my day. I have enjoyed some delicious juices today and also had a fab day out with my friend Wayne. We went to Bexhill for a little day trip. Saw some art and sat by the sea sipping mint tea : )

I am up early tomorrow to get to my 7am Bikram class then I have clients to train. I hope you all had a fab weekend and are looking forward to your week, I know i am x x


Have you ever done this juice plan?

As you know I did the juice detox but that had a lot less juice involved! This plan you get a juice every 3 hours so obviously you can't be to far from your juicer or you need to be well prepared to take juice out with you but other than that I think this plan is a lot more doable : )


  1. I have this book myself but never actually tried it. I'm not sure that I could follow it fully though. Your smoothies look fab as always!

  2. Ooo your food always looks so tasty! I wish you were my personal cook!

  3. I have never done a juice plan- I am sure they have some good ideas but I would never think they would be that filling or give me enough energy. Hope you enjoy it though.

  4. Wow looking forward to hearing more about your Detox. A juicer is the next big purchase I want to make. I'm not sure doing a juice detox would work without a juicer, would it?

  5. Good luck on your detox, I never think your meals look that big though! Hope you enjoy it and your week off!