Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Blogger Meet Up + Pretty Cupcakes

Good evening : )
I hope everyone has been having a great weekend? I know I have! Saturday I was up real early to get ready before driving to Brighton for Bikram and a blogger meet up!

I made a juice before leaving and drank the other half when I arrived in Brighton.

I me the lovely Emma at the station and we walked to Bikram : )
It was Emma's first class which was quite exciting! It didn't go quite to plan though, we arrived to a crime scene at the bottom of the building where my Bikram school is but luckily they have a back entrance so we still got to go. Then we found out the heaters were broke!!! But again luckily they had some back up heaters on the go so we still had a sweaty class!

Afterward I took Emma to a juice bar I know to refuel, I had an acai smoothie which was delicious!

This was thick just like the ones I make, it usually comes with granola but I has that taken out and removed the whole fruit! It was lovely meeting Emma, we had a fab morning and I hope we can do it again some time : )

Before heading home I popped into work to pick up some homemade Malaysian coconut jam!
My work colleagues husband made it and I am very exciting about trying this!

Just think on warm oats......yum!!!!!

I spent Saturday night at a hen pyjama party which was lots of fun and had to share this photo with you........

These are the green tea cupcakes my sister is making for our friends special day! So beautiful!

Today has been super chilled I haven't even exercised! Just hung out at home which has been lovely especially as I have a very busy week ahead : )


Have you ever eaten coconut jam?

So looking forward to digging in!

P.S To my ever faithful Anonymous commenter you may think I am a failure but really the only person that is failing is be nice!

P.P.S Stop reading my blog if you think I suck so much!


  1. Coconut jam sounds lovely :)

  2. Seriously, you've been getting comments from a troll? Don't let them get to you, they are just projecting their own issues on to you xxxx Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I have seen coconut jam in my local oriental store - sounds delicious!

  3. coconut jam??? i didn't know such a thing existed!! a recipe post would be lovely (hint hint heehee)