Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Amazing Vanilla Frappe + nuun review

Hello and happy hump day!!!!
I'm definitely defying the hump day feeling, I'm having a fabulous Wednesday : )
I got up early, made a juice then set off to my clients for 6am. Straight after I went to the gym for a fab session. I started with 25 minutes of strength training followed by 35 minutes of intervals on the stair mill, cross trainer and treadmill. A very sweaty start to the day, just the way I like it! I have to admit though I am suffering today from the spin saddle! Last night I had a great spin class, it was so good to be back on the bike but jeez my but is sore! ha ha ha

I came home and made a giant smoothie mixed berries and tahini goodness : )

Breakfast settled I was off to my next client, its definitely paying off living back in Hastings, I have more clients which is great!

Came home and hoovered the whole flat then rewarded myself with a carob and vanilla frappe! Oh my this was good I used vanilla rice dream, carob powder, decaff coffee, vanilla stevia, a little xanthan gum and lots of ice. Yummy this was delicious and will definitely be made again!

When lunch time came round I through some stuff together and came up with a healthy and very tasty lunch. I steamed some broccoli and black kale, scrambled one egg and some hazelnut tofu then mixed it all together with a spoonful of vegan pesto, perfect.

I have another way over due review to share with you today. I have tried some sports drinks before like these Zero tabs I was sent. But generally I don't use them because they are usually so high in sugar, the only one I use on a regular basis is coconut water. A while ago I was sent some nuun sports drink tablets to try and review.

A lot of the yoga bunnies use these so I thought I'd give them a try, especially as sometimes I do need a little something to keep me going through those 90 minute Bikram classes. These electrolyte drinks are sugar free and contain hardly any calories plus they taste damn good too! I chose the tropical and citrus flavors and have loved both of them the flavor isn't over powering and I definitely feel they have helped when I needed a little pick me up when flagging in class. I also like these because you don't ever want to go to a Bikram class on a full stomach make that mistake once and you wont do it again! So if I eat a meal a couple of hours before then take in one of these to drink in class its works perfectly. I don't and wouldn't use them all the time but I like to know I have something there when I need it that isn't high in sugar. Once I have finished my packs I will definitely think about purchasing some of these : )


Have you tried nuun electrolyte tablets?


  1. I love the nuun tabs- my fave flavours are the berry or tropical ones. I like them because they replace the salts, so I tend to have one after a long run, or after exercise if it has been very hot.

  2. I've never tried anything like nuun but if they are less calories then I think they sound like a great idea especially for stuff like bikram!

  3. I have never tried the nuun tablets but they sound pretty interesting.

  4. Ohhh my gosh that carob and vanilla frappe sounds SO good! I think that needs to be my snack when I get home from work today!