Sunday, 1 July 2012

1st Of July!!!!

Oops where did the last couple of days go, and how are we in July already!?
I have been having a lovely time with friends and the Mr and there was just no time to come say hi! But I am here now ready to share photos with you so enjoy : )

Friday morning before my drive to Brighton I had a delicious bowl of raspberry chocolate oats topped with soy yogurt. This is super filling and very very tasty!

I had a couple of clients to train and a sweaty Bikram class to go to before heading back home.

I had a mixed berry smoothie lunch with a rice cake and almond butter sandwich on the side

I trained another client in the afternoon then it was home time

I made me and Dale a yummy dinner of quinoa mixed with quorn and vegan pesto plus salad

A little later me Dale and Wayne went out for a cocktail, this had no name the bar tender just mixed it up for me and it was delish! We came home after our one drink cause we're cool like that! ha ha : )

Saturday morning I had another smoothie with a rice cake and almond butter side while waiting for Dale to do some things. Then we met back up, picked up his sisters dog and went for a walk in the sun : )

This is where Dale comes to fish quite a lot, so pretty!

Blue loves it there, awwwwww he is such a cutie!

In the evening me and Dale went out for dinner we went to a little restaurant in Hastings Old Town the lighting was crappy though so no photos! We had a lovely evening, great meal and a couple of drinks which slipped down quite easy! We came home after though cause Dale was leaving early this morning to go fish : )

This mornings breakfast was the same as yesterday! Why change a good thing?!

A little later I went to train a client then popped in to see my papa which was nice.

Back home for lunch and this deliciousness happened!
Courgette and herb socca filled with tuna and salad, so good! The socca with added courgette will definitely be made again : )

I am now watching the last 24 of season 8, my love affair with Jack Bauer is coming to an end which is a sad day!

I have one more day before returning to work at the shop, I'm looking forward to seeing my co-workers and catching up on the gossip! I have a super busy week though, I am working 5 days at the shop and 2 days training clients plus my new ladies fitness class starts on Thursday so its all go!

I hope you've had a good weekend and are looking forward to July x x


Any big plans for July?

I am doing lots this month and I am so excited! I will be getting a new tattoo, going to see Madonna and lots more so I am super excited its July!!!!!!!


  1. I love the picture of the field and the poppies. My big plans for July are pursuing my new happy and healthy lifestyle ethos.

  2. I agree those poppies are so pretty :)
    I have lots of plans for July- going to see the Grand Prix, going to Buckingham palace, a family wedding, more running, and summer holidays yay! :)

  3. Jealous you are seeing Madonna! Can't wait to hear about your new tattoo, I think I might need to get myself in for some more ink, perhaps even on my birthday!

  4. Sounds like you've got some great plans for July! I am going to run a race next weekend then I'm off to a festival the week after and am going to (hopefully) finish work on my webpage. Fingers crossed. :) xx