Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So Much Yummy Food!

Good evening readers, I hope the sun has been shining for you today like it has me?
I have had another good day, I have been working though training people is fun work for me, I love seeing my clients and catching up on things : )

Before I talk about today I just want to share 3 photos from yesterday that didn't get put up on the blog.......

Obviously being at mt sisters I had to get a photo of the cutest cat ever!

This was the vegan sosmix roll I had for lunch which yummy!

And this was dinner, quinoa salad which I made with quinoa, vegan pesto, grated carrot and courgette. I ate that with olive tofu, sprouted seeds and pea shoots. So good : )

Today started with a 6am clients session then when I got home I had the best smoothie. This was made with soy yogurt, banana, tahini, spinach and blueberries. OMG this you have to try the tahini makes it so creamy and delicious perfect combo for sure!

While this settled I watched some 24 in my new hoodie curtisy of my lovely sister : )
I also sorted out a new workout I am planning for a ladies fitness group starting next month. Once I had decided the session I also did the hour workout at home. It is sweaty and an all over body workout so a big thumbs up!

Then it was time to make lunch. I picked up some fresh turmeric in the supermarket yesterday so decided to use it in my lunch.

Yeah note to self: fresh turmeric stains everything and gets everywhere!

I made a turmeric socca!

I filled my socca with tuna and and sundried tomato pate, wow this was soooooo good. I also had more shoots and sprouts on the side.

I can definitely see me eating this again.

I had more clients to train early evening and when I got home had a quick and easy dinner. I used the quinoa salad I left from yesterday and and mixed in some steamed broccoli and chickpeas, delish.

I am off to Brighton early to train a client then go to Bikram and then meet a friend for coffee/lunch maybe Aloka : )


Whats your favourite socca filling?

Being new to the socca life I am loving all the different ways to eat it so good, just can't believe it took me so long to jump on the band wagon!

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  1. So glad you are enjoying the socca! I have so many fave fillings - roast squash, beans, red onion and vegan cheese and at the moment I love nut butter and fruit and having it for breakfast!