Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hey how we doing?
I am so glad the sun blessed us with its presence today even though I had to work looking out to sun makes it all ok : )

I had to be in Brighton for 7.15 today to train a client so was up super early.

I had breakfast at work which was the same as yesterday, easy and healthy so you can't go wrong really!

I actually really like the frog spawn consistency, weird?

Lunch was the same as yesterday too!

Ryvita topped with hazelnut tofu, hummus and spinach served with pepper and cucumber

I got some bits for lunch at work so need to use them up, I don't mind eating the same thing anyway especially when it tastes so good!

So the title of my post RAW.
I have never gone fully raw with my diet, I do love raw food though and with and up and coming holiday from work at the shop I have decided to have a 5 day cleanse. My skin has got really bad recently again and as I have the time off work to really concentrate on my diet as well as have the time I thought a 5 day cleanse of nutritious foods living food would be fun plus I have a new raw food recipe book that has got me very excited! I am going to start my 5 day cleanse with 2 days of juice/smoothies and then get down with the raw food. This post will probably lead to a anonymous comment about my crazy food changes......if you don't wanna know about my 5 day nutritious eating plan then from Monday switch off but of your interested and would like to hear my thoughts and learn some new recipes tune in!


Raw? Love it? Have you ever tried eating this way?

If you read my blog you know I often visit aloka a raw food restaurant in Brighton. It is actually my favorite place to eat in the city so I am looking forward to trying some raw foods out, it will be what my budget can afford though!


  1. I love eating raw, I've done a few raw challenges before, where I've gone fully raw for either a few days or a couple of weeks. I do always end up missing cooked food though, so I prefer a mix of cooked and raw foods. Although it's nice to do a raw week now and again.

  2. Your pepper is heart shaped, to cute! That chia pud looks great to, love the pretty pink! (:

  3. I love raw food and I think its a great way to cleanse so if you feel you need it go for it! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  4. I do enjoy experimenting with raw foods and having come across some amazing food because of it.

  5. You really need a chia pudding recipe page, because yours always look so delicious. I always get the ratio of liquid to chia seeds wrong, or the whole thing ends up al dente, which I'm sure is not the appropriate texture.

    Nuts to anyone who doesn't like your raw foodism - I don't have the willpower so I'm obviously jealous. I'm sure any critics are too.


  6. I like some raw food, but I think I prefer a mixture.
    I love the sound of hazelnut tofu- what brand is that?

  7. Have a good cleanse hun! Am excited to read about all the yummy food. I love raw foods but am not 100% raw (but perhaps 50%?). xx