Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Food Combos + Coffee Weakness

Afternoon : )
Well this is pretty fabulous being able to say hello on this sunny afternoon with nowhere to be and nothing to do but chill out and just do what I want! I some more delicious food to share with you today. I have been trying more new to me foods and combos which have been so yummy maybe you'll try them too...........

For yesterdays lunch I had a one of these new combos. Before heading out to town mid morning I put 1/2 a cup of buckwheat in water to soak. When I got back an hour later the buckwheat was ready to make into lunch. I mixed it together with chickpeas and vegan pesto (not raw!) a sqeeze of lemon and a pinch of rock salt. I then added the mix into a bowl of grated carrot and courgette. This was so good I will definitely be having it again.

After lunch I made some coconut milk, which is so easy to make! Use 1 cup of dessicated (no added sugar) coconut, 4 cups of filtered water and a pinch of finely ground rock salt. Put all of this in a blender and whiz up till the water goes white then strain. Its not sweet so you could add agave syrup or a date but it is a lot cheaper then shopped bought!

I used some of the left over pulp to make a yummy pud, nectarines and coconut yum!

I yummy juice was drunk in the evening : )

This morning I had to be in Brighton to train a client for 7.30am so I was up super early to get ready

Before hitting the road I had a light breakfast of coconut chia pudding, chopped apple and a little tahini. Client sufficiently trained I had some time to kill before my Bikram class...........

Hmmmmm I broke! I got a soy decaff latte and sat in the sun to drink it with a gossip mag : )
Should I feel guilty? Ha well I don't I'm loving eating more raw but I guess I am not going to be able to go the whole hog : )

I had a fab Bikram class, the room was sweltering but I loved it!

After class I popped into the shop to see my work colleague Jill as she has just got back from her holiday then I walked back to my car to hit the road home.

I didn't get home till after 2 so was very hungry, I had already being dreaming up lunch on my way! I mashed together 1/2 an avocado with chickpeas, vegan pesto, lemon juice and a little salt. I put this mix on top of romaine lettuce and also chopped pepper and grated some courgette into the bowl. Perfect!

Another combo I will be enjoying again!

So it seems my raw week has been slightly compromised! Coffee and non raw vegan pesto but I am loving the fresh food I have been eating so plan to just carry on with lots more of it! I am planning a smoothie for dinner on this warm evening and just chilling out. I have to be up and out by 5.30 tomorrow morning to get to Bikram for 7am which means I will definitely need an early night!

Until tomorrow x x


Do you make your own nut milk?

I know some of you do, I am looking forward to trying almond and cashew very soon!


  1. I have made almond milk before, which was fab, and I really want to make brazil nut milk but I have not got around to it yet- maybe this weekend :)

  2. your chia seed pudding looks SO good - love how thick that stuff gets.

  3. I love making my own nut milks as it can be so much cheaper than buying form the shops. I love the idea of your coconut milk!

  4. I've also made my own almond milk was delicious!

  5. I love making home made nut milks, they are so easy and taste so good! I've made coconut milk using raw coconut flour before, using the desiccated stuff sounds awesome too!

  6. I definitely make my own as I can't have agave or honey.. I think the more you make yourself the better. Loving the raw, it's a little cold down under for raw at the moment but in summer I do up the raw food.

  7. the chia pudding looks wonderfully yummy!