Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More Chia Pudding

Yay here again, that's 3 days in a row people!!!

So my day started bright and early, sun shining which made it all the more better : )
I got up and ready and drove to Brighton to get a gym session in before work. I did a 30 minute vipr session followed by a 3 mile pain free run. I am loving the running its probably my favorite type of exercise followed very closely by Bikram of course!

I took some chia pud for breakfast again, coconut today which was very yummy topped with raspberries.

A very quiet day in the shop was spent with me gazing out of the window prating the sunshine will last..........

Lunch was the same as yesterday, tofu salad. I had some cracked black pepper oatcakes with it though.

I had a Food Doctor bar for an afternoon snack. I really like this bar and the stats are pretty good too : )

I planned a Bikram class after work but my boss had to leave early which meant I couldn't so no class. I am glad I got my session in this morning!

My commute home was actually fine today and when I got in I made a quick dinner of steamed veggies and quorn.

I am in Hastings tomorrow, I have a couple of clients to train and more sorting I am already feeling so much better having moved it was definitely the right decision.


Have you tried the Food Doctor bars, what do you think?


  1. I have never seen/heard of those bars but I will be on the look out since I LOVE bars :)
    Need to make chia seed pudding asap

  2. Ahhh I am craving a chia pudding right now!

  3. I have, ages ago when the packaging was different, but I have not seen them in ages! That chia pudding looks so pretty.