Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Going Loco For Aloka

Wow what a fabulous day!
This has been one great Wednesday, it may have been a little grey but it was shining for me : )

It all started with a really yummy breakfast. No added sugar chocolate oats with almonds and blueberries plus a little soy yogurt. Filling and super tasty perfect breakfast. I drove to Brighton after this to meet my client for an 8am session.

I got there early so popped into costa to get a decaff soy latte for the wait.
I trained my client who is shrinking before my eyes (super happy about that!) then went to Bikram for a sweaty class!

I met my friend Tara after class and we went for coffee no.2, I got a blended soy latte (literally soy milk, coffee and ice) we sat and had a good gossip and catch up. Tummy's started to rumble and we new exactly where to go for lunch............


Yes we fed our aloka addiction, I had a raw salad for lunch which was so fresh and delicious and we couldn't resist pudding.........

I can't put into words how good this was the taste was sensational!

Raw chocolate macaroon which I only ate half of, the other half I took home and gave to my papa. He loved it!

Yes it was a 2 pudding kind of lunch! I also had a scoop of raw vanilla and maca ice cream, wow who ever needs dairy ice cream this my friends is what its all about!

So after an amazing lunch I headed back to Hastings, I popped into to see my papa when I got there.

Home for dinner and another socca was on my mind!
I added curry powder to the socca mix today then filled it with sundried tomato pate and olive tofu with some salad on the side. Perfect dinner if I do say so myself!

As you can see it has been a fabulous day of eats, my tongue and tummy are very happy.

I hope your day of eats has been just as good : )


Have you ever eaten raw ice cream?

I am so gonna get my ice cream maker out and give some raw ice cream a try after todays amazing scoop!


  1. Your making me jealous again! I've always wanted to try raw ice cream as it seems pretty simple to make. An ice cream maker is definitely on my list!

  2. Aloka looks so good, I definitely need to pay it a visit next time I'm in Brighton. I love those Nero blended iced lattes, definitely my staple summer drink. x

  3. That Aloka salad looks amazing, as does the dessert :) I would love to try raw ice cream at some point, but the only thing close is when I whizz up frozen banana and raspberries for a sort of sorbet.

  4. Oh gosh that food looks amazing!!! I'm dying to go to Aloka.