Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Full Day Of Food

Good evening!
Here late as its been a very long day, first day as a commuter and hitting that rush hour traffic on the way home is not fun! But hey if it means a happier home life then I'm down with it!

I got up super early to get to the 7am Bikram class today. I have to leave mine at 5.30am'ish to get to Brighton on time to park and walk to the studio. That does at least mean I miss the morning traffic!

I made breakfast to take with me the night before. Matcha chia pudding with raspberries. the raspberries were frozen so this morning they gave a yummy juice to my breakfast. It was so good!

I worked in the shop after yoga, it was a normal kind of day, other than a crazy bus driver nearly killing half the street outside my shop at one point it was uneventful!

For lunch I had an olive tofu salad topped with some watered down hummus for dressing and a couple of ryvitas with hummus, yum!

Afternoon snackage came in the form of a chopped apple topped with yogurt, cinnamon and a few almonds.

When I finally got home I wanted something quick and easy so threw together a vegan pesto socca and steamed veggies. There was also some unpictured tomato sauce action going on here too : )

So there we have it a full day of food and one tired commuter!

Tomorrow is going o be even longer, gym in the morning and yoga after work but it does mean I miss both rush hours so all good!


Do you have to go through the dreaded rush hour traffic?


  1. i travel to work midday & leave at 6.30 so miss rush hour both sides.

    do you use matcha powder? where do you get it from?

    1. I do, I was given a sample from teapigs but if you go to there website you can get it on there x

  2. Your matcha chia pudding sounds divine! I really need to buy some more chia seeds.

  3. I'm lucky to be able to work flexibly so I try and time things to miss the traffic too!