Tuesday, 19 June 2012

First Day Raw

I hope everybody's week has started well?
Mine certainly has but being off work from the shop till the 3rd of July probably has something to do with it! Oh and the sun being kind and showing its face just makes everything better : )

Yesterday I started my raw food 5 day cleanse. First thing I had a hot water and lemon.

For breakfast I had a giant mixed berry, spinach and banana smoothie no toppings yesterday!

Mid morning I did a home TRX circuit then followed it with a 3 mile run along the seafront. It was a bit windy but the sun was out so it was all good

Before jumping in the bath I had some post run refueling in the form of a banana topped with tahini, yum!

My raw lunch consisted of a green juice which I made from 1 apple, spinach, 2 celery sticks and lemon. I also had a fab bowl of carrot 'cake' mix this was literally grated carrot and apple mixed with dessicated coconut a few raisins and a squeeze of lemon so good! I also had a cup of lemon and ginger tea.

Late afternoon I had another mixed fruit smoothie to get me through till dinner. Then I went to my sisters to train her and her hubby.

Last dinner was absolutely amazing! So fresh and tasty : )

This was so simple to make too, I crushed together peas and avocado with herbs and lemon juice then filled a pepper with the mix and laid on top of some spinach

I will definitely be eating this again!

Last night I hung out with Dale which is why I didn't come to say hi. He's been away for ages so we are making up for lost time : )

This morning after training a client at 6am I got home and made a blueberry, banana and almond smoothie to start my day and I am now chilling on the sofa enjoying some time to myself well I am entirely alone...........

I have 2 flatmates of the furry kind keeping me company, his one is Ian and he is the most beautiful little cat. Expect lots of kitty photos coming your way!

I plan to go for a little run later in the sun then I am going to spend the evening with my sister which I am looking forward to. I am settling back into my home town very nicely and am looking forward to some great times ahead : )


Do you have any holidays planned?

I had to book time off to get my holidays in as there are lots of weeks we are not allowed to take. Even though I am not actually going a way its nice to just have some time to my self even if I've only been back at work for 2 weeks! Ha ha but the last time off was all about packing and this time its all about settling in to my new routine which is much more fun!


  1. Looks like the raw food cleanse is going well! I'm hoping to get back down to Brighton again in September. We would love to go abroad for a holiday but we do love Brighton and since we can stay at my aunts free board ain't bad! We will have to plan another date :-)

  2. Mmm that food looks amazing! I am going to do a detox as well in July.. In fact it might be two as I will do one before a music festival and then probably need another one to get rid of the toxins. ;)

    I am going to Ireland at the end of August/September and I can't wait. It's been too long since I had a holiday..

  3. All of your raw food looks great! It's nice to hear that you are all settled back in your home town. :D

  4. mmm that stuffed pepper looks really good! I have plans to visit California later this year. I'm a maid of honour in my friend's wedding in the states, so we thought we'd stay longer for a good road trip!