Monday, 25 June 2012

Cocktails On A Saturday

Hey hey! How we doin?
I am doing just fine, I had a fab weekend and still have another week off from the shop! Plus the sun has been shining today for me and my sister which has been lovely : )

Let me take you back in time and share my weekend with you..........

Saturday morning I got up and enjoyed a yummy smoothie before setting off to Brighton for my 9am Bikram class. It was hot and sweaty and felt fab to be starting my weekend that way. After class I trained a client before driving back home, to get ready for a night in London.

I had a quick lunch of rice cakes with sundried tomato pate and tofu as well as a juice. This pate is my favorite, its quite expensive but the taste is so good I treat myself to it once in a while.

Train ticket bought I was off to the big smoke : )

I grabbed dinner from M&S to have at our apartment for the night. I had roasted vegetable couscous and a green bean mix. This was delish!

Got my glad rags on.......

Then me and Wayne had a couple of drinks before leaving to meet my sister and some other friends. They have been working in London in a Sailor Jerry's pop up bar so we went there to enjoy some yummy rum cocktails!

We went to a tiki club/bar to finish the night where we had a giant cocktail to share. I had a couple of sips but to be honest not being a big drinker these days I was feeling a little worse for wear so started on the water! We had a good dance before heading home.

Hmmmmm the rum got me for sure so my Sunday started in a real healthy way.....2 solpadiene!
I had a falafel wrap and some plain crisps for breakfast on the train home.

Late afternoon I had a snack of rice cakes and tahini plus a Jazz apple to hold me
over till dinner.

Me and Dale decided to go get some chips for dinner and sit by the sea to eat them. Oh my the chips were delish and its been ages since I have indulged in a bag of proper chip shop chips. The hit my stomach like a lead balloon but were totally worth it yum! After chips were gobbled we went to my sisters to watch the footie.

This morning I forced myself out of bed to go for a run. I ran just under 3 miles, not very far but I still feel super tired after the weekend so am happy I actually got up and exercised!

When I got back home and showered it was breakfast time. I had a banana and raspberry smoothie exactly what I needed as a post run refuel.

I've had a great day hanging with my sis, she dyed my hair then we went into town to see a couple of friends for a drink (apple juice!). For lunch I picked up a yummy vegan sosmix roll from the health food shop and had some salad with it. Very yummy.

I am now just waiting for Dale to arrive so I can eat dinner. I can't wait either I have made a quinoa salad with tofu and bean shoots, bring it on!

I hope you had a fab weekend x x x


What is your go to hangover cure.....if you sometimes enjoy a little too much booze that is!?

Solpadiene is a must for me it kicks a hangovers butt!


  1. Sounds like such a great night out. I think a huge green smoothies is great for hangovers the next day.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! You should have taken some milk thistle before you went out to help with the hangover!

  3. What a fun time out! I hate to say it but my favourite hangover cure is fatty food. Because that seems to help the most. Thank god I'm not hung over often.. xx