Monday, 11 June 2012

Breakfasts Galore

Well its been way way too long my lovely readers but I am all moved and have the internet so here I am back to say hello and how are you?

Thankfully the move went pretty smoothly just lots of heavy boxes which are never fun to move especially when there are 4 flights of stairs involved! It all done though now, still some sorting to do but basically done. I am so happy to be back online! Thankfully one of clients lent me Breaking Bad which has kept me very entertained, so funny : )

As you can imagine I have taken so many photos over the past 11 days that it would be ridiculous to put them all up so tonight I am sharing with you my very tasty breakfasts. Its my favorite meal of the day and this is why..........

Coconut and chia seed pudding, this was so good I just mixed in some dessicated coconut with the chia seeds and milk/water ands in the morning added raspberries and soy yogurt : )

Brown rice warmed through with rice milk and mixed with toasted
seeds/flaked almonds, served with strawberries and soy yogurt

Fresh juice and ryvita topped with almond butter and black cherry jam

Matcha chia seed pud

Chopped apples topped with yogurt, tahini and cinnamon

Mixed berry smoothie

Loving the coconut chia pud at the mo!!!!!

Quinoa porridge with toasted seeds and yogurt + fresh juice

A very green breakfast!

Ryvita and almond butter + apple with yogurt and cinnamon

And finally today's black smoothie!

The spirulina and blueberries in this made a yummy liquorice colour!?
I decided to jazz it up with some colourful chocolate bits : )

So there you go lots of fabulous breakfasts if I do say so myself!
I am so happy to be back and am looking forward to catching up with you all I also have a giveaway coming your way so stay tuned!


What breakfast are you loving right now?

I will be having chia pud tomorrow gotta take it to work tomorrow so its the easiest
thing to pack : )


  1. Your smoothie looks gorgeous as does your creamy chia pudding. Glad the move went well.

  2. gosh, these look amazing! The smoothies are gorgeous, love the bright and beautiful colors! The apple, cinnamon and yoghurt breakfast looks great too, it's also one of my favourties (: love the combination with apple and cinnamon, yum yum!

  3. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, too. Your all look so colourful and delicious! x

  4. So glad the move went well :) I love breakfast but at the moment have been having the same thing- some kind of fruit (today was cherries) with muesli and almond milk, soaked over night.

  5. Good to have you back! I love breakfasts, this morning I had a slice of chocolate chip coconut banana bread with berries and soy yoghurt and it was delish!

  6. I was in a breakfast rut so I've switched to having oats during the week and eggs/smoothies on the weekend. I'm loving having porridge in the mornings! Soak the oats in milk and water for 15 minutes before cooking to get them extra creamy :)