Thursday, 28 June 2012

Almond Milk + Ginger Bread Men

Afternoon, I'm popping by now while I have the time because later I will be training clients then Dale is coming round which will leave no time to blog : )

This morning I had no where to be so enjoyed a little sleep in well till 8am!

After my cup of hot water and lemon I made a giant smoothie for breakfast. This included soy yogurt, banana, spinach, new almond milk, frozen berries, water and a couple of drops of stevia. Yesterday I received a couple of cartons of Almond Breeze a new almond milk being sold in the uk. It is an American brand so i was more than happy to review this when asked, I have seen it for years on the us sites so couldn't wait to try it! I also had some in a coffee after my smoothie, it tastes wonderful! The one above does have raw cane sugar but they also sent a carton which is unsweetened. I will do a proper review soon!

I did a mid morning workout today. 30 minutes of vipr training followed by a 3 mile run along the seafront. It was a glorious sunny run!

When I got back and showered it was time for lunch.

I mashed 1/2 and avocado with a tsp vegan pesto, chickpeas and a little lemon to make a yummy mish mash bowl of goodness!

I also had a fresh juice. Man I love juices so much they really do taste amazing!

A little after I also had 2 of these babies ginger biscuits. Yes they are for babies/toddlers but with no added sugar they are a perfect guilt free snack : )

I hope your enjoying the sunshine today lets keep our fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!


Have you tried/tasted Almond Breeze milk?

Apparently there is an offer in Tesco at the moment, 1 carton for £1! I'll be stocking up over the weekend!


  1. How exciting- Tescos seem to be expanding their range all the time- I didn't know you could get it over here at all, so will have to have a look :)

  2. I cannot wait to get my hands on that almond milk. I've wanted to try it for ages!

  3. I love Almond Breeze, it's really yummy. They make a coconut/almond blend that is really yummy (my fav).

    Your juice looks awesome!! I just got a juicer this week and can't wait to experiment with it!! Do you have a favorite combo?

  4. Those ginger bread men are so cute and I'll definitely be trying that almond milk soon. x

  5. I need to look out for Almond Breeze! And I love those Gingerbread men!

  6. I don't think I have ever tasted Almond milk before but I imagine it tastes really good. If it's available in the UK already I'll pick one up next time I do the grocery shopping. I love fresh juices and avocados too. Aside from putting avocado on my salads and tacos I make avocado smoothies all the time.

  7. I can't wait to give the Almond Breeze a try! Love the sound of that avo, chickpea and pesto bowl, yum!