Saturday, 12 May 2012

What? No Smoothie???

Big news this post contains no SMOOTHIES!!!!!!!
Yes dear readers this post is smoothie and juiceless and a full day of meals!! I know this will be confusing but I am fine and the breakfast I had instead was fabulous so don't worry!
Ha ha ha odd me?!

Right enough of the random weirdness, lets talk Saturday! It was an early start for me I had to train a client first thing before working in the shop. The sun was shining so I decided it was the perfect day to wear my new bargain dress. This pretty number cost me all if £5 in the primark sale yay! I love it I do : )

Once I was ready for both jobs I had my non smoothie breakfast! OMG this was sooooooo good and a fabulous substitute. I needed something that was already made so I cold have a quick breakfast before heading out. I made some overnight oats using oats, chia seeds and hazelnut milk. This morning I added a chopped apple and some vanilla soy yogurt BAM! This was incredible I couldn't actually eat it all so popped the left over in a pot and took it to work with me to have with my mid morning coffee : )

I spent most of my day making random pictures with the apps on my phone! This was sent to Dale. Just in case he had forgotten what I look like!

Lunch was the same as yesterday minus the egg. I also had an apple later on.

I had to pop to the supermarket after work to grab some bits and whilst on this trip I found a new to me treat and COULD NOT leave it on the shelf............

Can you guess what it is yet!?

For dinner I had a yummy bowl of quorn, broccoli and celeriac mixed in a tom and olive vegan pesto. This was super filling!

But after a while I had to try this, you know like I HAD TO! Wow this is one bar of super fine chocolate, I love the sea salt one but this is competing for the title of favorite lindt chocolate for sure : )

So my Saturday was pretty uneventful other than some great food I hope yours has been more fun? Tomorrow is much the same. I do start the day with a Bikram class though which is the best way to start a Sunday if you ask me then to the shop I shall go. I wish you all a happy Sunday and you never know I might be back tomorrow with another full day of food I can't guarantee there will be no smoothie though!


Have you tried this chocolate?


  1. One day without smoothies???? Hard to believe you made it through alive... ;-)
    Btw I tried the coconut dark choc, liked it, but nothing tops the one with sea salt!

  2. No I have not- I have had milk with coconut but I bet the dark stuff is amazing.

  3. Oh I need to try that chocolate! It sounds lovely :-) You look so pretty in those pics too chick :-)

  4. Your dress looks lovely! I bought a Lindt coconut chocolate bar that was similar to this from Italy and it was amazing!