Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thank You Groupon!

Yay to kitty sitting and having the internet!
I am at my sisters looking after the cats which means I can blog! This makes me super happy, as I will be without it till next Wednesday when I come over again : (
I'm sure I will cope somehow.......I'm thinking a trip to starbucks will be needed on Sunday not only for the coffee but for their free wifi!

Before we talk food I have something else to share with you. I little while ago Groupon contacted me to do a review of their site. If you do not know what Groupon is basically it is a site that gives daily discount deals in your city for an array of different products holidays, meals out, gyms, kitchen equipment I could go on and on. So when they offered me a voucher to pick something and do a review I jumped at the price. I always like to look and see the deals they have but have never got round to actually ordering anything until now! It took a while to decide on what to buy because there is so many great things to choose from.

After having a bad back I had been thinking about my mattress and if it would be good to get a new one. Then by chance I saw a deal on Groupon for a memory foam mattress topper! I couldn't resist the thought of a softer bed without having to buy a new mattress so signed up to the deal. The process is really easy with no hidden extras. I ordered my mattress and waited for my new comfort to arrive! I put the mattress on my bed last night and it is soooooo comfy! I am really happy with my purchase so thank you Groupon! I would definitely suggest you check out their site there really is so many fab deals!


My morning started with a 4 mile run. It wasn't a fast run but it was again pain free so I'm happy with that!

When I got home I made a giant raspberry and vanilla smoothie to get me through my morning at the shop

This bad boy kept me full till lunch so big thumbs up!

For lunch I had another coconut wrap with hummus, cucumber and spinach

I also had an apple with soy yogurt and cinnamon.

After work I went to Bikram and sweated my work day out. I'm so going to miss being able to go whenever I please when I have moved but I really like the idea of doing more running!


My alarm clock went off at 5.50am and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep! I hauled myself out of bed, ate an apple with almond butter for fuel and dragged my body to the 7am Bikram class. I pretty much dragged myself round the yoga mat too but by 8.30am I had finished 90 minutes sweating and felt much better that I had gone : )

When I got home I made a strawberry and blueberry smoothie for breakfast no.2 before training a client.

Before leaving Brighton I had some veggies and an apple to use up so made a juice then hit the road. I am spending the evening with Dale before he heads off for a fishing weekend and I head back to Brighton for a work/night out weekend : )

I hope you are all looking forward to your long weekend off, I have to work it all other than Sunday so am making good use of my last Saturday in Brighton, a night out with the girls!
More on that Sunday over a coffee : )


Have you ever used Groupon?

Go take a look!


  1. Memory foam pillows are the best. I have one from Dunelm and wouldn't be without it now. :D

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your run was pain free :D
    love how colorful your smoothies are!

  3. Glad your mattress topper was good! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. I think what you eat looks absolutely delicious! As a new reader here, I was wondering if you could recommend any healthy eating books that helped to inspire you. I've recently been told to quit dairy and sugar following major surgery. The road to health is paved with good intentions and I'd be really grateful if you could suggest anything. In the meantime I will watch your blog with pleasure. Many thanks :o)Dinah

    1. Thank you! I would definitely recommend Patrick Holfords recipe book Low GL it's great and the low sugar cakes are fabulous!! X

  5. Coconut wrap...I wonder where I could find those here in NYC...I'm definitely intrigued and would really like to try them!

  6. Great blog with so much inspiration - you are followed! I have just started up my own healthy food blog, maybe you would take a look? Thanks a lot!

  7. I love Groupon!! I'm always buying new stuff on there haha! Congrats on a pain free run and hope you've had a lovely jubilee weekend x

  8. That smoothie looks amaaazing! Simply love the beautiful colours - so pretty (: I really need to try that one out verry soon!