Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Smoothies and Sunshine

Hi everybody, loving the sunshine!?
What a beautiful day it has been, my Wednesday has been fab and having this week off just got better. Then again having sunshine always makes things better : )

So its been a smoothie and juice overload this side of the screen and I have enjoyed very single one. I know I should get bored of eating my smoothie/juice bowls but they just taste so fresh and in this weather its all I really want!


I started the day with a giant smoothie of course!

This was blueberry and pineapple so fresh and yummy!

I also had a frothy almond milk coffee.

After this had settled I made my way to Bikram. First class after 4 days off! I actually had a great class and managed to get further into the poses. My back is really feeling so much stronger, happy days!

For lunch I had a mixed berry and avocado smoothie topped with seeds.

I was in Hastings yesterday afternoon/evening to train clients and stay at Dales. I took a juice with me for the evening : )


I have loved today!
I drove back from Hastings early which was a really nice drive in the morning sun. When I got home I made a blueberry, tahini and orange smoothie for breakfast which was just amazing!!!

Smoothie settled I did a 45 minute body weight circuit at home then hit then headed out to a nearby park for a run in the sun. First run outside since hurting my back and it went swimmingly! I loved being outside too sun and a slight breeze it was great!

I had a another giant smoothie beast for lunch!

This one had 1/2 and avocado and yogurt in it which made it extra thick and delicious!

I spent the afternoon packing more boxes till it was time to get in the hot box.

I went to Bikram which was great to have a proper stretch out after my earlier workout.

I'm off to Hastings again tomorrow to train clients and also go and talk to my tattooist exciting! I am staying there till Saturday kitty sitting again, yay!

I have lots of fun coming up this weekend, can't believe its nearly the end of my 2 weeks off working at the shop, time fly's when your having fun!


What did you do on this sunny day?


  1. I went running on this sunny day! I think sitting in a park would have been a better idea! Those smoothies are making me thirsty!

  2. I'm loving smoothies right now as well, having two a day at the moment! I was stuck at work yesterday, but its still nice to have the sun coming through the office window!

  3. I worked all day and then hubby and I went for a long walk in the woods :)

    I've been downing smoothies like nobody's business - the perfect breakfast when it's lovely and warm like this! x

  4. The colour of those smoothies is amazing! In answer to your question I sat inside a stupid stuffy office all day...:(

  5. I have been adoring smoothies this week as well and have been having loads of them. Yum!

  6. I have been eating smoothies everyday this week too. Love them!

  7. Awww are you getting a new tat?
    Love all your smoothies - they look so fresh and tasty!

    I went for a run with Nike Run Club on Wednesday and it was soooo hot and sweaty but I absolutely loved it. Most of the days I'm in the office but at lunchtime I always go outside, listen to a podcast and have my lunch and then read a bit. Love it! It's amazing how upbeat and happy everyone is now that the sun's out. Though at the same time people start complaining about the weather being too hot... Sigh... ;) kx