Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Smoothies and Soup

Good evening, I'm dropping in pretty late today but its been all go for the past 2 days and I now finally have some time to just sit so here I am. Ready to share some fabulous food with you : )
Thank you for your kind words about my move by the way, I am so excited its definitely the right thing for me to do, I just can't wait till moving day!


For the first time since February I got up early and went to the gym!!!! OMG it was so good to be back pumping some iron and doing a little running. Don't get me wrong I love Bikram but I love all other exercise too and getting in the gym pushing myself is something I love to do! So Monday morning I got to the gym for 6.30 and did a circuit of strength exercises followed by 7 minutes of running x3. Great sweaty workout : )

I came home and made a giant blueberry and manuka honey smoothie! This included soy yogurt, lots of frozen blueberries, baobab, spirulina and the juice from 2 big oranges topped with coconut and almonds. DELISH!

I spent the morning sorting through lots of stuff and getting rid of bits I really don't need. Perfect time as I moving!

Mid morning I had a latte made with almond milk

And some rice cakes with tahini.

I also got some boxes packed but I need loads more to finish but lovely Dale is helping me with that : )

Lunch was pretty damn fine! I made a big salad with brown rice, 1/2 avocado, peas and raw carrots topped with toasted sunflower seeds

Late afternoon I went to Hastings to train my sister and her hubby, see my dad and drop of lots of material to a friend (off loading goods!). I went to stay at Dales last night which is why I couldn't blog. He made me an unpictured tuna salad for dinner : )


This morning I had a client in Hastings at 6.30am and afterward drove back home to Brighton. By the time I got there my tum was screaming for breakfast!

Today I decided to try a new to me smoothie (I know it doesn't look different!). This was a blueberry and tahini smoothie! Wow so yummy the flavours really worked together. It included soy yogurt, baobab, loads of blueberries, Tbsp of tahini and the juice from 1 orange and 2 small carrots.

Another morning of sorting this time through emails.

For lunch I had a yummy mix of brown rice mixed with egg, olive and tomato pesto, steamed broccoli, celeriac and 1/2 an avocado. I love being home so I can have a freshly
made hot lunch : )

A while later I had 2 chopped kiwis topped with soy yogurt, almonds and cinnamon.

Then I went to Bikram, my body is feeling pretty sore after yesterdays workout, in a good way but the heat definitely help!

For dinner I had a delicious bowl of cauliflower and lentil soup which I made earlier. This was so simple to make and tastes amazing! I fried and onion in a little hemp oil then added a small cauliflower, red lentils and some stock. See easy! After dinner I went to train another client.

Now home and settled. I have no plans for tomorrow other than to go to Bikram in the morning and to the gym in the afternoon. I have made up a 12 week plan to get me back into the gym slowly now my back is feeling stronger I am excited to start training properly again but slowly does it!


What exercise are you loving at the moment?


  1. I am loving running too :) After so many months off it is just great to be back outside again.

  2. I'm definitely loving my strength training right now and I went to a Body Pump class last night for the first time in a month which was awesome :-)Glad the packing is going well!

  3. Gosh I am soooo behind with blog reading!! So excited for your move! I'm kind of in a similar situation.. I love living in London but it's so expensive and I really miss my friends and family. I think it's good to try new stuff but also always follow your heart.
    My favourite exercise is running and yoga. As always. But I throw in lots of classes too such as rebounding or frame method classes.. I'm happy as long as I'm active! ;)

  4. I am loving my mix of strength training, yoga and cardio at the moment. :D

  5. I am loving my mix of cardio, strength and yoga at the moment :)

  6. I am loving my mix of cardio, strength and yoga at the moment :)