Tuesday, 29 May 2012

No Cyber Connection?!

Good evening from a slightly unsettled blogger.........
I am again facing the no internet conundrum, which is I know not exactly life threatening but it still leaves me feeling uneasy! As you know I am moving in a couple of weeks but one of my flatmates is also moving and she is the one linked up to the internet and TV so its bye bye to these luxuries for me. It is only for 2.5 weeks but still I will feel lost which I feel silly about but I will! I can take my laptop to my sisters this Thursday but its gonna be a long weekend without my contact to cyber land! Ok enough of my madness lets catch up..........


It all started with my 7am Bikram class where I met and practiced with my friend Sade

After class we went for breakfast at a new to me cafe called the Guarana Bar. Its a great place selling fresh juices and smoothies as well as lots of super foods which I am going to have to go and buy! They have some great mixes for smoothies which so need to be tried!

I couldn't decided what to have so just kept it simple with an apple, carrot, beet and ginger juice. Obviously it tasted amazing!

We said our goodbyes then I walked walk. My juice was delish but not filling enough to keep going at the gym so I had some rice cakes, 1 with tahini 1 with almond butter.

Once they settled I went to the gym for a strength training session

I worked up a hunger pumping iron! For lunch I made a big smoothie, I added a little packet of acai which has been sat in my cupboard for ages. I was given it as a free sample when I made an order with iherb. This was so yummy the acai went really well with the frozen blueberries I also put in.

I trained a client before hitting the road to Hastings to train my sister then see Dale.


This morning I was early to train a client at 6.15 before driving back to Brighton to work in the shop. The drive took forever but I had just enough time to throw a quick breakfast together!

Rice cakes with black cherry jam. soy yogurt and seeds/almonds

I love this combo and its been a while so I really enjoyed this breakfast, plus it was actually really filling which surprised me!

First day back in the shop after 2 weeks off is always a killer but I got a great order and had a fabulous lunch waiting for me so it wasn't so bad : )

My lunch was so good and something new. I bought some coconut wraps ages ago from vivapure, then being inspired by Laura I knew exactly what I was going to do with them!

Hummus and raw veggie wraps!
Wow the wraps are really yummy, they have a sweetness to them and teamed with the hummus are just fantastic I highly recommend them!

A little later I had 2 small apples

I have had to day off from exercise as I wanted to come home and blog before I am internetless! I kept it simple for dinner and had a raspberry and orange smoothie.

I am in the shop again tomorrow but plan a trip to the gym/run in the morning and yoga after work. I hope everyone has had a good start to the week. I have got the blogger app on my phone so maybe I will experiment with that but don't hold me to it I still can't get my head round the app! Ha ha ha

So until Thursday x x x


Do you feel uneasy with the thought of being cut off from your cyber world connections?

Uneasy for sure!


  1. You have reminded me that I need rice cakes back in my life!

  2. Those coconut wraps sound lovely.
    Over Christmas our internet stopped working and it was so annoying- I needed it to keep in contact with work, but also I was so bored not being able to be out or anything. If it is for a weekend then I quite like the break, but for longer then I would struggle now because of work mainly.

  3. Oh I totally sympathise! I'd feel totally disconnected from the world without the net, its amazing how much of my interactions with people take place online now, what a sign of the times! Hope it goes quickly for you!

  4. Hey those wraps look great really yum. I have been reading for a while and wanted to ask if the amount of fruit you eat affects your tummy ? I know from past posts you need to be careful what you eat and wondered how all the smoothies went. Great blog x