Monday, 21 May 2012

Loving My Furry Feline Friends

What a fab weekend it has been. I have relaxed and hung out with some very cute kittys, a beautiful dog and eaten some very yummy food all in all a great couple of days. I must warn you this post is very picture heavy so I shall keep the word count low enjoy........


Orange bow in my hair it was off to Hastings to train a client before heading to my home for the weekend

First furry friend was my clients cay Pugwash. I love her!

I made a super yummy dinner for me and Dale Friday night. Chicken breast in a tom and garlic sauce with sweet potato chips and steamed veg : )


Cereal for breakfast then off we went to pick up Dales sisters doggy

He was very excited to be going out for the day

We went to Rye for our walk, actually where Dale goes fishing so I got to see his home from home!

Jazzy snack!

he is a very handsome doggy

We walked for s good 2 hrs then drove back to town

We were starved but the health food shop didn't have any savories left so we made do with a chocolate and cherry vegan flapjack. It was delish!

Late lunch of tuna salad with sweet onion ryvitas

Awwwwwwwwwww wally I love you!

And you Marlow!

These little kittys are my favourite furry friends I love them!!!!!!


More cereal for breakfast

We spent most of the morning watching Prison break!

My sisters toilet attendant!

For lunch we had prawn stir fry which was really good. I haven't eaten stir fry in ages and this reminded me of how much I love it!

We went to Dales in the evening and carried on watching Prison Break. I gave dinner a miss I felt full from all the food I ate over the weekend!


I drove back to Brighton early stopping off for some groceries on the way. When I got back I had a simple smoothie no added extras literally just soy yogurt, blueberries, spirulina and the juice of a slice of fresh pineapple

Mid morning snack/gym fuel a fresh juice.

I had a fab session in the gym, circuit/run

I came home freshened up then had a thick juice for lunch

I popped into town this afternoon and grabbed some hair dye.

Dinner today was a raspberry and manuka smoothie.

Feeling a little full and run down after a lot of indulgences of late so I am doing a little cleanse, lots of juice and smoothies coming so be warned if its not your thang : )

I am really looking forward to Bikram tomorrow I haven't been for 4 days now so tomorrows session is gonna be tough! Bring it on!!!!!!


Any highlights from the weekend?

I have loved looking after my kitty nieces! I think I am back with them this weekend too : )


  1. Yay you put up the kitty in the sink picture!

    I am not a cat person but I love tabby cats. Shame I'm allergic! :P

    Highlight of the weekend, getting some promising news on the book front! xx

    1. Ha ha I couldn't resist!

      Yay to the book news x x

  2. Ah this post makes me want a pet dog or cat! I dyed my hair this weekend too, is so good to be a brighter red again!

  3. Sounds like you had a fab weekend! I tend to live for weekends haha.
    I wanted to adopt a cat but our landlady said no. :( Such a shame! I'd love to have a dog AND a cat..

  4. Ahhh such cute pics of the animals!

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