Friday, 18 May 2012

Have A Fabulous Weekend!

Yay! Its Friday!!!!
I have been looking forward to today all week, I am off to Hastings to cat sit my favorite kitty nieces for my sister. Jes and hubby are off working in London so I am being drafted in to look after the cutest felines I know and this makes me super happy! Me and Dale get to have the flat to ourselves and I can't wait to spend some time with the boy as well.

Today I got up early to get to the gym for my Friday circuit session. I did a whole body circuit with some cross trainer cardio thrown into the mix. It was a fab session and all finished by 7.30am. I love me a morning workout! I planned to go to yoga too but had way to much to sort out for the weekend so gave it a miss. I have done 3 yoga sessions and 3 gym sessions this week already though so I am feeling pretty good!

Home and showered it was smoothie time. I made a giant vanilla and mixed berry smoothie and enjoyed this whilst catching up with my favourite CTU agent Jack Bauer! I am definitely enjoying my time off fro the shop. I haven't really done much but just hanging out doing little bits at home is just what I have needed this week.

Shock horror I am leaving my laptop here for the weekend. So I will be back Monday to tell you all about my weekend of kitty and Dale fun! I see lots of Prison Break on the horizon! I seem to be watching lots of series at the moment but if I am totally honest I am pretty poor this month so I need to keep out of the shops, no point teasing myself with beautiful things I can't buy!

We are hoping for a dry Saturday because a dog walk has been planned but rain and dog walking isn't too much fun so fingers crossed for at least dryness! I am also looking forward to 2 days alarm free, even if I wake early its nice to wake naturally without the ringing in my ear of having to be somewhere : )

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and have some fun things planned.
See you Monday lovely readers x x


Will you be waking up naturally this weekend or is the alarm having to be set?


  1. Have a lovely weekend :) I wake up naturally at the weekend, usually the same time that the alarm wakes me up in the week! Although today I was woken at 7am by my neighbour mowing his lawn with a strimmer- the joys of summer!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend :)
    I was off today but i only went to sleep at about 7am & woke up at 11, and tomorrow i'm in work at 11 so i'll be up at 10... i do like my long lie ins ;)
    Smoothie looks delish too!

  3. Hope you're having a great weekend chick! It sounds like you have a lovely relaxing one planned :-)

  4. I want to nominate you for the Nobal Prize on smoothies! You come up daily with new and amazing would totally deserve it!

    1. Ha ha thank you!! I am a little smoothie obsessed!! X

  5. Sounds like you had a great weeked!