Saturday, 5 May 2012

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday!!!!!!
Well I am glad to have got through my Saturday work day and be home looking forward to the next few days of fun : )

I got up early today to get my usual smoothie in my tum and settled before yoga.

My 9am class rocked! My back is feeling so much better and I can finally start stretching into the poses again. I can wait to get back in the hot room tomorrow 9am for more heat and stretchy goodness!

Today seemed to last forever, lunch time came and I had juice with chopped apple and some prunes. Then back to clock watching!

When I got home I made dinner ate it then realised I had gobbled it all up with no photos, ah well you win some you lose some! I am now watching the voice and after that I will be starting my 24 marathon! I had been thinking about watching it as so many people love it then lots of you suggested it to me too. There are so many to watch as well which means I will be entertained for ages : )

I hope your weekend has got off to a good start and you have lots of fun planned for the next couple of days x x


What do you have planned for your bank holiday?

Drinks for me tomorrow evening then Jack in the Green on Monday : )


  1. You will LOVE 24, I defy you not to fall hopelessly in love with Jack Bauer - I am ever so slightly reluctant to share him!!!! Enjoy x x

  2. Oh I love 24! Hope your enjoying it, I do like a bit of Jack Bauer :-)

  3. I am working a 9-8 shift at work so not much. :D It should be quite busy and fun though. I hope you enjoy your break.:D

  4. I hope you'll like 24, I loved it!! It's one of my favourite shows.

    I'm not up to much I basically spent all day in bed with gastroenteritis. I've had it for a week now and am so sick of it! Hope it's gone by tomorrow because I am signed up for a yoga and raw foods retreat. So excited about that.

    Love having monday off!! ;) x

  5. Glad your back is better :)