Monday, 28 May 2012

Friends and Food

Wow what a great weekend!
The weather was so hot yesterday I am sporting some lovely tan lines! I had a fabulous Sunday filled with great company and wonderful food lets take a look..........


It all started with a delicious juice and a 9am Bikram class. I then met my friend Tara and we got an iced coffee and walk along to Hove where there was a food festival on the seafront. To be honest we weren't that impressed and the food options were not great so we decided to walk back to Brighton and have lunch in the best place in town!

Yes we couldn't resist a lunch time teat of pure goodness : )

I had a plate of rainbow joy! My favorite being the rocket hummus, its damn good!

After are amazing lunch we walked back to the food festival for pudding!

There was a brownie and cookie stall that caught our attention........

We decided on giant cookies and freshly squeezed lemonade!

The cookie was very tasty but huge so I ate half and saved the rest for later : )

We hung out in the sun for a while then walked back to town, my feet by this time were not my friend!

I said goodbye to Tara and hello to Dale, we went to grab a cider in the sun. Lime and strawberry my favorite! Then we decided to go to Pho for dinner

We shared some prawn summer rolls to start

I had the rice noodles with lemongrass chicken raw salad and soy and ginger sauce

Yum very tasty : )

After dinner we had another stroll along the seafront before heading home for a Prison Break fix and the rest of my cookie!


Today started with a 7am Bikram class with my friend Sade, another very hot class in the torture chamber!

After class we went to a new to me bar for breakfast

I couldn't decide what to have so kept it simple with an apple, beet, carrot and ginger juice

We chatted for a while then i came home to get this post done and have a little something to fuel my gym session. I am off to the gym in a little bit to get a strength training session in before lunch. Now I am in a routine I don't wanna slack!

I hope you all had a great Sunday and your looking forward to another sunny week : )


What did you do with your sunny Sunday?


  1. So wish I was in Brighton with you right now! I spent my Sunday baking a cake!

  2. lemonade + a giant cookie = perfect summer afternoon!

  3. I spent some time sitting in the garden on Sunday afternoon- reading magazines and drinking iced tea- perfect.

  4. Have you ever tried Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime cider? It's even better than the Koppaberg one. It's like drinking fresh strawberries.
    Mmmm all that good food makes my mouth water.

  5. The food at Aloka sounds so delicious! I am jealous!