Friday, 4 May 2012

A Dog A Cake

Evening, its Friday!!!!!!
This probably means for many of you a long weekend right?
Not for me as I have to work tomorrow but I do have Sunday and Monday off so its not too bad!
Lets keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine : )

This morning after getting ready for work I made my usual smoothie same as yesterday because it was so darn good! This one also had the edition of 2 juiced carrots : )

Today in the shop we had a welcomed visit from this little fella! How cute is he?! He belongs to one of my work colleagues who popped in for a cuppa.

Today's lunch was steamed carrots and broccoli with qourn drizzled with udos oil and some rice cakes on the side.

Another visitor (my bosses partner) popped in bearing would have been rude to say no.........

I skipped my usual 6pm yoga class today as I am still feeling pretty sore but don't worry I will be back in the hot room 9am sharp tomorrow and Sunday : )

Dinner today was another mish mash but I find those kind of meals are
sometimes the best ones!

I am now going to watch the last 2 episodes of Heroes, its a sad day coming to the end as I have loved this series but I am looking forward to finding a new season of programmes to keep me entertained!

Tomorrow as I said its another work day in the shop but I get to go to Bikram first which will make my day so much easier. I am looking forward to Sunday and Monday too lots of fun is going to be had! I shall bid you farewell for now and we can catch up tomorrow, enjoy your Friday evening x x x


Is there any programmes/series you are currently loving and would like to share?

Heroes I have loved and Prison Break is still going strong. I'm watching that with Dale so have to wait till I am with him to get my next fix of Scofield : )


  1. 24, by far the best. I envy anyone who gets to watch that all over. Dexter, The Walking Dead and Lost are also awesome. Lucky you!!!!

  2. We just watched The Walking Dead series 1 and now I can't wait for series 2 to get released. I think we may try 24 soon, I've only ever watched a few randomly. Others we enjoy Big Bang Theory, House, Dexter, Lost, Torchwood, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Band of Brothers... Have a great weekend =)

  3. That dog is so cute! I loved heroes to, agree with Sarah, dexter and walking dead are great, also Fringe if you like x files type stuff :-)