Thursday, 3 May 2012

Belated Green Tea Review

Hi everybody, how are you?
I am all good, its been a good day long but good. But before I get to what I've been up to I would like to share a belated review with you.........

AGES ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to try a selection of
Twinings Green Tea.

Now I have always had a love hate relationship with green tea. I would love to love it but I usually hate it! I know it is so good for you though which is why I said yes to the offer with the hope I would end up loving green tea.

Twinings do a great selection of green teas the box includes: green tea with cranberry, citrus, apple and pear, pineapple and grapefruit and orange and lotus flower.

So I gave them all a try and guess what I love them! I found the secret to a good cup of green tea is not to let it stew for longer than about 3 minutes. This will produce a yummy cuppa with the other flavors still present and no bitterness. I am truly converted my favorite out of the selection was the green tea with apple and pear but they were all yummy. So thank you Twinings for converting this blogger into a green tea lover : )


After I left you yesterday, I had lunch which was a tuna bowl of yummyness

This was a mix of tuna, petit pois (current addiction!) broccoli, a little mayo and curry powder. Very easy and super filling : )

After lunch I was off on the road to Hastings to train clients and see the boy : )

For dinner I had a juice and some fruit with a soy yogurt.
Then me and Dale fed our Prison Break addiction, its getting so intense!


I drove back home early morning and got my food for the day sorted before making breakfast.

This was a blueberry, orange and manuka honey smoothie. I couldn't resist another manuka health injection, my god you gotta try it people!

After breakfast i got ready for a day of work in the shop.

For lunch I had some quorn, broccoli and peas drizzled with sesame oil. I also had some rice cakes and butter on the side.

This was really good and super filling. Simple but tasty and so easy to prepare before work!

In the afternoon I around 4ish I had an apple, kiwi and a few almonds to give me some yoga fuel for the 6pm class. I'm definitely glad I had yesterday off my body ached in places I forgot I had muscles! I have to be honest my legs sre really feeling it at the moment so I may well treat myself to another day off tomorrow but I'll see how I feel in the morning : )

For dinner I had a juice and some rice cakes with tahini and cinnamon. I am in the shop tomorrow again and hopefully I'll get a good sale like today's £5000 one fingers crossed!

I hope you have had a fab Thursday x x


Have you tried Twinings Green Tea selection?

I really like this seletion box and would recommend it to anyone who likes green or is still stuck on the fence, just don't let it stew too long!!!!


  1. I like the sound of some of the flavours, so might at some point try them I suppose :) It is still my least fave type of tea though!

  2. I'm a green tea junkie, it's a total addiction. I haven't tried Twinings yet, I always use Tazo Organic (which is pretty popular here in the US) but after reading your review I should really give it a go!

  3. I still need to review the ones I was sent! But I really like most of them. I love green tea anyway! Eats looking fabulous as ever, I must try getting some orange juice in mine sometime!

  4. I love green tea! White tea is also delicious.

  5. I love your eats and I am a great fan of green tea. I am drinking Twinings pear and apple tea right now :)

  6. I love green tea and your eats look amazing!

  7. I used to go around drinking cold green tea becuase I liked the taste. Green tea is good for health reasons though, especially if you make your own. I use the product at and it works