Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank Holiday Catch Up

Gosh Hello!
Its been a while, what with the bank holiday and a hangover from hell I just haven't had time to drop in. But I am here and ready to share some food love with you from the past few days. Smoothies obviously are the main event but they're pretty so I hope you don't get bored with my smoothie addiction!


I had a juice first thing before my 9am Bikram class to power me through. I had a fab class and felt ready for my bank holiday : )

When I got home and sorted out my stuff for Hastings I had breakfast no.2 I giant smoothie on top of some oats. This really is power food, so filling and it keeps you full for hours : )

I drove to Hastings early afternoon, popped in to see my dad then to Dales for dinner. After dinner Dale took me to my friend Wayne's house where I was going for bank holiday drinks.

We gossiped, we drank then we went out on the town. I met Dale and some other friends and we ended up in the only club in Hastings. I had lots of fun but the Monday hangover was not my friend! I spent the whole day with Dale watching Prison Break and chilling!


I drove home and made a smoothie for breakfast. Then I went to meet my friend Tara for coffee and a catch up.

I still felt pretty rough so gave yoga a miss and hung out at home, sorting things for my big move!!!!!!! (more on this another day!) I had a juice early afternoon to get my greens in!

Then a while later I had the last of my spelt muesli which was calling to be finished with an apple and hazelnut milk.


This morning was another oats and smoothie day!

Perfect to fuel my Bikram session, I ate this at 8.30am went to yoga at 12.30 (still full!) and was fine not eating lunch till 3pm fabulous!

For lunch I had a tuna salad bowl

Followed by an apple topped with yogurt, cinnamon, raisins and peanuts.

Off to Hastings tomorrow so I shall come say hi in the morning promise! I hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed your free time : )


What did you do with your Bank Holiday?

Fun Fun Fun

P.S I am LOVING 24!!!!!!!


  1. Your smoothies always look so bright and vibrant! x

  2. What greens/fruits do you use in your green juice? I've been making myself one-a-day over the last six months but I'm still struggling to find the right balance of flavors...

    1. Sorry I am terrible for remembering to write ingredients down on here!! The juice above contained 2 apples, cucumber, celery, carrot and lemon then I added it to a blender with 1/2 a small avocado and 1/2 a tsp of spirulina oh and some ice enjoy!!

  3. I went to Paris for the bank holiday weekend :) Fun!