Saturday, 26 May 2012

Amazing Weather, Amazing Food, Amazingling Long Post!

Good evening on this glorious day!
This weather can definitely stay till late October right?!
This last week of holiday has been so good, the weather has been fantastic and I have met up with friends and family which has been great too : )

I have been cat sitting again since Thursday and my furry friends have been keeping well entertained, I love them!


Rewinding to Thursday, I was up early for my 7am Bikram class which was bloody steaming so when I got home obviously I had a smoothie!

This was a mixed berry and orange smoothie beast!

After breakfast I went to train a client outside in the sun

The rest of the morning I gathered my things for my kitty sitting, before leaving to drive to Hastings I had a yummy juice : )

When I arrived in Hastings I went to speak to my tattooist! I have shown her the picture of what I want so all I have to do now is pay my deposit and book my spot which will hopefully be next month! I have another 2 weeks off at the end of June so it would be the perfect time, don't worry you will be the first to see them once they are done! After my chat I popped into the health food shop as I felt a little peckish, I got a delicious vegan onion bhaji which kept the hunger at bay.

I trained a couple more clients then popped round to see my papa before heading back to my sisters to fix dinner for me and my man : )

And what a dinner we had! This was soooooo good! It was a mix of couscous salads, salad, coleslaw and tofu everything tasted so fresh and delicous


Friday morning Dale was up really early and I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up had a coffee and went for a run in the sun! I just did a seafront run which is just under 3 miles. Not very far but its the second run since hurting my back with no pain so I am very pleased with it, well other than the gigantic blister I have now got!

To refuel I had a very simple blueberry and banana smoothie mixed with some water to thin and a bowl of cereal topped with seeds

I popped into town in the morning to grab some bits then went home for lunch

I had left overs for lunch which was perfect, plus I was more than happy to eat everything on that plate again!

I popped into the health food shop again and couldn't leave this date and coconut vegan flapjack behind! I ate half and saved the rest for later : )

Look what my lovely sister got me for kitty sitting! I am so lucky

In the afternoon I met up with my dad and we went for coffee, iced to be precise!

We spent the afternoon wandering round in the sun, it was great I love hanging out with my dad hes the coolest dude ever!

For dinner i kept it simple with a yummy blueberry and spinach smoothie

Topped with sesame seeds, pecans and walnuts

After dinner I put my new butterfly in my hair and went to see my friend and soon to be flatmate Wayne. He was working in a bar so i popped in for a vodka lime and soda which was refreshing and perfect for a summers evening. After my one drink and a good old gossip I walked home to hang with the cats.


This morning before driving home I had some rice cakes with almond butter for driving fuel. I had to get back quite early because I had a client to train today.

Before heading out to my clients I had a juice

I have spent most of the day packing, yes I know I know the weather has been glorious but I am running out of full days I can actually pack so today it had to be done! So I have been productive at least : )

I had a mixed berry smoothie for lunch, there may have also been some un pictured salted crisps consumed but there is no documentation of this............

There is however documentation of the calippo I gobbled!

Tonight's dinner was a simple tuna salad which actually hit me like a tonne of bricks. Was a bit to big after my juice and smoothie'ing! I will be going back to this raw juice and smoothie eating quite a lot over the next few weeks. I find it really helps with my tummy. I have a very delicate stomach and most food upsets it but I find smoothies and juices just fine so be warned if you get fed up with my obsession!

I decided to have today off exercise but will be back in the hot room tomorrow morning 9am sharp. Then I am meet my friend Tara and we are going to Brighton and Hove's food festival! I can wait and with the sun shining too tomorrow is gonna be fab : )


What's the best thing you done/doing this weekend?

So can't wait till tomorrow!


  1. All those smoothies look so cool and refreshing :) I am looking forward to sitting in the garden later with some iced mint tea and enjoying the sunshine as I was stuck inside doing work all day yesterday,

  2. You and your Dad are so cute! Love all the smoothie action in this post. I know you've been enjoying Aloka today you lucky thing!

  3. Loving all of the smoothies! I cannot get enough of them at the moment.