Wednesday, 2 May 2012

60 Day Challenge Complete

Afternoon : )
My phone is playing ball so I can actually post today! I use my phone to take all my photos and for some reason yesterday all my photos were missing not good! But luckily they all down loaded through the night so I can share them with you. I know I could post without any photos but it just wouldn't look right to me I love to share my colourful posts : )


I had an early drive back from Hastings in the morning, before going home I went to do some food shopping which in my opinion is the perfect time to shop. 7am'ish no one is in the supermarket so no queues or people to get in the way!

Back home I was definitely ready for breakfast!
No surprises I had a giant smoothie to fill my tum!

I went to the 11.30am Bikram class (no.59!) it was so HOT! Lunch after class was a bowl of fruit and some rice cakes with tahini. I kept it light because I did a double yesterday, yep by 4pm I was back in the torture chamber ready for session 60!!!!!! Woooooohooooooo 60 days of Bikram done!

I drank a Vega recovery drink when I got home. I had this left over from the samples I was sent by inside organics and after the 2 very hot classes I really needed it, I worked harder than ever and felt like it!

Dinner was a mish mash of curried tuna and veggies

Then a very special pudding! My sister has been working in London and bought back some goodies for me including this little chocolate delight : )

I think I deserved this after 3hrs of sweaty bikram heat!

OMG this was melt in your mouth amazing!!!!!!
Thank you Jes xxx


I had a client to train at 8am today which meant getting early, too early for my usual breakfast so I had a juice to keep my hunger at bay : )

This included: apple, carrot, celery, cucumber and lemon

When I got back I made a smoothie but this was a little different today I added something which made this smoothie SUPER tasty.........

In the mix:

soy yogurt, baobab, spirulina, frozen cherries, freshly squeezed orange and........
Manuka honey!!!!!!!

This was insanely good and a good health boost for me definitely making this again!

I've just trained my second client of the day and after this post I will make lunch then be off to Hastings to see my papa, train more clients and see my boy : )

I have decide to skip doing a May goals post. I am concentrating on getting my back strong enough to get back in the gym which I guess is a goal but a long term one. I have also decided to keep my Bikram challenge to 60 days. I am so pleased with being able to do 60 days but yesterday doing that double to finish on time was an absolute killer. I feel ok but my muscles are aching like made and having to work every Saturday I can't commit to doing doubles to make up for missing a day. Plus I have lots of things I wanna do in the next couple of months. My 60 day challenge is complete so I will continue to go 5/6 times a week which is good enough for me!

I will be waiting for another couple of weeks before trying out the gym. My back is healing super fast in the hot room but I don't wanna push it. I am having today off to rest my body, holding the boxing pads for clients is a workout enough today I have muscles hurting I forgot I had from yesterday!

Ok ramble over I hope your month has started well, I have so many things to plan for the next couple of months. Lots of exciting news to tell but not yet, your going to have to wait x x


Any exciting plans for May you would like to share?

I can tell you I am planning a fishing weekend with the boy, a food festival and a boozy bank holiday x x


  1. Well done on your challenge! You've done really well. Sometimes I think I need a month off with my goals but I seem to always have things to do! Looking forward to all your news!

  2. Congratulations on 60 days of yoga, that's amazing! And that chocolate looks so good. x

  3. Congratulations on completing your challenge! That pudding looks to die for!

  4. Wow well done for completing the challenge- that is amazing! :) That chocolate looks yummy too.