Monday, 16 April 2012

Thank You

Hello peeps hope your week has started well?
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that commented on my last post it means a lot, I know mean comments shouldn't get to you but this one really did up set me! Oh well time to move on from that : )

I have some photos from the past couple of days, no full day of eats though. Its been a weird couple of days this side of the screen, don't really wanna go in to it lets just say I hope it all works out cause this girl aint gonna be too happy if not............

Right food!

Oh yes more cottage cheese and fruit, loving this combo!

After yoga yesterday I drove to Hastings to see Dale hang out.

We went for a drive in the evening and found a beautiful sunset : )

Today I have trained my sister then afterward we went to wish my dad a happy birthday and give him gifts. His birthday is on Wednesday but neither of us are round so we had a pre birthday gift session today!

Gifts given I headed back to Brighton to go to yoga session 47!

All I wanted when I got in was a smoothie so that's exactly what I had!

This pretty smoothie included soy yogurt, frozen cherries and raspberries, freshly squeezed oranges and carrot, then topped with hemp seeds and pistachios!

It really was as good as it looks : )

I am finally back at work tomorrow after being off due to my back which might I add is feeling so much better! It is a dull ache now which is better than shooting pains! I am really looking forward to getting back to work I've missed my colleagues as well as being able to do stuff.

Can't believe I'm on session 48 of my challenge that means I'm nearly half way through people, woooooohoooooo! Even though I haven't been able to do the depth in the postures I can really see the changes in my body my tum is definitely tightening up which is all good : )


What;s the best thing you did this weekend?

My weekend was pretty uneventful so I guess the best thing was actually being able to drive pain free and go and see Dale, my sister and papa : )


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful and original looking. Glad your back is feeling better!!

  2. That sunset is so pretty :) And it is my Mum's birthday this Wednesday- sort of snap!

  3. Glad your feeling a bit better, that smoothie looks fantastic and I think I'll be recreating your cottage cheese bowls soon!

  4. Yoga #47??? Now, that's pretty awesome!

  5. I went to Vancouver and Seattle! It was so awesome.

    For your smoothies do you follow a recipe or throw things in the blender and hope it turns out for the best? They always look so delish.

  6. That's look delicious. Each and every picture look mouth watering. Thanks for such a lovely post.