Monday, 30 April 2012

The Sun Is Shining : )

I am a day late but if your a regular reader of Salad and Sequins you know I can never be trusted to come by everyday! I hope that when I do post though I entertain you all in some way : )


I started the day with a 9am Bikram class, the studio was pretty cold but I was actually fine with that after the past couple of VERY hot sessions!

After class I was back in the shop for another day of quietness in the sofa world. With the weather again being lousy I was fine to be at work! When lunch time came round to break up the day I was glad : )

I had cottage cheese on top of chopped apples with some nuts and cinnamon. I am so loving this combo sorry if your getting bored but I'm not so there!

I had a juice in the afternoon which I made in the morning, twas a yummy one! Apples, spinach, celery, cucumber and lemon yum!

Dale picked me up from work and we hung out for the evening which was great : )

For dinner all I wanted was a smoothie so I fed the desire with a giant smoothie beast! This contained natural yog, frozen berries, vanilla sun warrior, baobab, spirulina, and freshly squeezed oranges topped with seeds and coconut : )


Today started with a 7am yoga class, the heat was back to its normal self HOT HOT HOT!!!

Straight home for a smoothie obviously! This one was made with natural yog, frozen berries, freshly squeezed oranges, baobab and spirulina

I went to train a client after breakfast and now after this post and lunch I will be heading to Hastings to train my sister and her hubby then spend the night at Dales : )

The sun is shining so this day has already started well and will hopefully continue. Have a fabulous start to the week peeps x x x


Whats great about your Monday?

The sun and a fab 7am yoga class have already made this Monday great for me : )


  1. Glad you have some sun, its still grey up here! My strawberry pb smoothie after a good workout cheered me up this morning!

  2. It was such beautiful weather today here too :) But I had made porridge the night before because I have been so cold! Ah well!

  3. We had some sunshine over here too, but it soon turned grey again.